Back For You

Riley a 17 year old girl is having her birthday in a couple weeks and decided to invite her 1st cousin: Ed Sheeran. Ed is friends with 1D and decides to invite them. Little does Riley know that her true love Harry Styles, who broke her heart 2 years ago is in the 1D boyband.


20. She' here

ryRileys POV
"@Real_Liam_Payne Tell Dani I said thank you!(; Harry has me tied!" Their was a link of Harry kissing me.I sent it in. "Ri?"Harry asked softly."Yes"I say resting my head on his shoulder."Your mum just texted me it said 'Riley won't answer her phone.Please tell her that Georgia is on her way.'"."Thanks"I say checking my phone."Me:Okay! I so excited!I just can't hide it! Mum:Haha remember to be careful,I'll be there after I pick your cake up. Me:Yes mummy..." "Munchkin?"Harry said shaking me.I slowly wake up.I don't rub my eyes,I blink twice."The fans"Harry said whining.IN shrug my shoulders and open the car door.Harry gets out to a grabs my hand.As soon as I walk in the lodge, I see a familiar face.Georgia.
Georgias POV
As soon as I saw Riley I started to cry.She grew up.She instantly let go of Harrys hand,and ran to me he gave me a big hug."I've missed you so much!!"Riley screams.I cry and riley cries.Harry came up behind us and said "Family hug".Riley laughed and so did i. "Mum told me!"I say letting go."Yeahhh"She wlks off towards Ed.But Harry stays with me."I'm Harry"He said putting out his hand."I'm Georgia"I say shaking his hand."Sorry if I just made it awkard"I burst out.He shrugs it off.He turns around and I turn around to."Idiot!"I screech."Oh god"A blonde boy said with a heavy irish accent.He spilled his hot cocoa on my shirt and down my shirt."Niall"Harry groaned at him.
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