Back For You

Riley a 17 year old girl is having her birthday in a couple weeks and decided to invite her 1st cousin: Ed Sheeran. Ed is friends with 1D and decides to invite them. Little does Riley know that her true love Harry Styles, who broke her heart 2 years ago is in the 1D boyband.


8. Please I'm Sorry

, Rileys POV

"What are you doing here?"I spat him. I can't believe my mum, let him! " Riley? Please let me talk!" He said standing. "Don't come any closeeer" I told him. "Riley let him explain" my mum said caressing me. I pushed her hand away. " Really Harry! Do you think you can just walk in here and say sorry and think everything is going to be alright! Well it's not! You never even texted me or called me or anything! I loved you! and now here you are" I gestured towards him. "Riley, please let me expain" he pleaded. "How could you?" I said with tears streaming down my face, I ran upstairs. Shit! I locked myself out.

Harrys POV

"Riley please!" I ran after her." Go away.." She said as I saw her outside her room." Please Riley, I love you so much and I'm sorry I never texted or called you. I was such a jerk to you but then it wasn't my fault, because I wasn't allowed to have a girlfriend.Anyway, Riley.. I love you with all myheart I never stopped thinking about you." I spoke quitely to her, as I wipe her tears away with my thumb. "Please don't cry, your making me cry" I say with a tear streaming down my face."I love you to.." Riley whispered and hugged me.
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