Back For You

Riley a 17 year old girl is having her birthday in a couple weeks and decided to invite her 1st cousin: Ed Sheeran. Ed is friends with 1D and decides to invite them. Little does Riley know that her true love Harry Styles, who broke her heart 2 years ago is in the 1D boyband.


18. Facing The Mum

Harrys POV
"I got this"I say to Riley.She runs into the bathroom and locked.I opened the door and saw Jean.Her face was redder than my Gemma's if she didnt get her way."Y-y-yes"i stuttered to her. Your grown man Harry! "Wheres Riley!?"She screamed pushing me aside."In the bathroom,she doesnt feel good"I say with confidence."Riley Rose James?"She says more calmy knocking on the bathroom door."Yes"I heard Riley whimper."Come out now"She says sternly,but still calm.I ran downstairs and sat on the couch.I put my hands on my face,and out of nowhere I started to cry."Shhhh"I heard a reassuring voice.It was Danielle and Eleanor."H-h-h-how?"I say looking up at her."Thats a stupid question"Danielle said joking around.i somewhat smiled, and said "Are you and Liam ready for one?"."Of course!We somewhat planned it! Were already married though!"Danielle said smiling and looking at her stomach."What about you and Louis"I asked Eleanor."Not until were 25!"She smirked."I've messed everything up didnt I?"I say looking at Danielle."No you didnt.Harry your gonna be a great father,if Riley cant see that in you..Well shes not as smart as you thought she was."Danielle said patting my back."Thanks"I say wiping my tears away.All of a sudden someone ran downstairs and looked at me.
Jeans POV
I was delighted to see my baby girl with her long love,Harry Styles.But I didnt want them to have a baby yet.I spoke to Riley and she calmed down."Yes Mrs.James"Harry said standing up."You may go see her,I'm sorrry I freaked out."Thank you"He says running upstairs.
Rileys POV
Harry walked into my room and sat down next to me and held my cold hand."Here"He says,pickingup the necklace and ring.He slipped the ring on my left hand,my ring hand.It was just a promise ring.He slipped the delicate necklace around my neck.I opened and their was the picture ofhim and I.I crashed my lips into his,we let go and put our foreheads together and intertwined our hands."I love you"he spoke."I love you to"I barely say in a whisper."Wanna help me pick my outfit?"I say getting up and pretending nothing happened."I'd love to"He said smirking.I showed him my closet.While,he was doing that I ran into the bathroom to puke.I was done,I looked at myselfwhat a mess I was.I took my toothbrush out and brushed my teet.I brushed my hair to,and then put it in a messy bun.
Harrys POV
Hmm.What would match Rileys necklace and ring?I was going through her closet.......Aha! Found it! A floral summer dress! "Here babe"I say walking into the bathroom.
I got out and waited for 15 minutes:(. All of a sudden she walked out.I'm brilliant.I tood up and walked over to her.Itshowed her clevage and all of her back and it went down to her knees.Then she walked over to her closet and picked out blue heels."Wow"All I said.She blushed a bit."Your beautiful"I say kissing her lips."Im dressed!"I say. "Thats why you matched me!"She said dumbfounded..I swear I love Riley,but sometimes she can be pretty stupid."Lets go" I say grabbingher and leading her downstairs. "Oh my gosh!!"Jean and Danielle and Eleanor exlaimed.Riley blushed."Lets go"I say opening the front door.Riley smiled and kissed my check..Behind us Jean,Danielle,Eleanor followed us.In front of us,their were screaming fans.The signs said 'RILEY YOUR BEAUTIFUL!' another said 'HARRY MARRY ME?'. I really wanted to take pictures with some of them. "Lets take a few pictures"Riley whispered into my ear.I nodded yes and yelled "EVERYONE GET IN A LINE, WE'LL BE HERE FOR 15 MINUTES". All of a sudden a line formed.The first asked for my signature and a picture.
Rileys POV
Harry had his own line.And I had my own line! "Hi Riley!"The girl said to me."Hello!"Whats your name?"I smiled.""Alexis!"She said.I signed it and she asked for a picture.Then she ran to Harrys line.Next girl said "Haley is the best couple ever! Could I get a picture of you and Harry and me"She said crying."Of course!"I walked over to Harry,which made people scream even more.We took the picture.After a few more pictures and signings,I walked over to Harry and said "Can we go?". "Aything for my princess"He smiled. (*Anything) He opened the limo door fo me.On our way Harry sat next to me holding my hand,he was also on his phone.I took my phone out and went on twitter and checked my mentions. One of them said "@AlexisVOTESHaley: ASDFGHJKL. I got my picture with Riley and Harry! EEEEk!". I followed her and retweeted what she said. Another one said "@Real_Liam_Payne: Today I'm a proud father, and soon to be uncle! @RileyRoseJames @Harry_Styles". It showed a link of Danielle and Liam and their new baby girl,Alison.
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