Back For You

Riley a 17 year old girl is having her birthday in a couple weeks and decided to invite her 1st cousin: Ed Sheeran. Ed is friends with 1D and decides to invite them. Little does Riley know that her true love Harry Styles, who broke her heart 2 years ago is in the 1D boyband.


23. Duckie!

Rileys POV

"Is that Leigh-Anne Pinnock?"I say gulping.Perrie nodded her head yes.I instantly ran over to Harry."Harrry?"I whined."Yes"He said."Look who's here"I say pointing to Leigh."Oh my"Harry said sarcastically.""Fuck you"I whisper in his ear."You would"He whispers."Yes I would"I say to him.He laughs and walks over to Leigh.

What does he think he's doing.Haha."Hey Riley!"Kendall giggled at me."Helllo litttle girl"I copyed her voice."Wanna play duck,duck goose"She pleaded.I wanted to hear Leigh and Harry's conversation.But whatever.'Sure"I smiled to her.She laughed and grabbed my hand to guide me to a empty spot."Sit down"She instructed me.I sat down, and Kendall runs toward Georgia & Niall."FOLLOW ME"She grabs both of their hand.She's adorable..^.^. "Sit down"She instructed them.They both sat down."Hello Georgia, hey Niall"I waved at them.Georgia waved back and shook his head."ONE TWO THREE"Kendall yelled in her sweet baby voice.She ran around us all."Duck,duck,duck,duck,duck,duck,GOOSE"She said goose on Niall.Niall got up and chased Kendall until he finally got her.

"Kendall cheats!"Niall huffed at the end of the game."Do not"Kendall protested.They bickered and Georgia and I started to talk."Hmm, Giall is cute"I tell her.She blushed madly.
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