Back For You

Riley a 17 year old girl is having her birthday in a couple weeks and decided to invite her 1st cousin: Ed Sheeran. Ed is friends with 1D and decides to invite them. Little does Riley know that her true love Harry Styles, who broke her heart 2 years ago is in the 1D boyband.


25. Dark

Rileys POV


   "Kendall!"I scream and fall on the my knee's.I'm crying my hardest,I've ever cried.Everyone was still trying to find me.I dont even know where I was."Harry!"I scream and stood up. "HARRY!"I scream again.It was dark outside.My phone! I check my pockets and cant find my phone,it must have fallen out.No."HAARRRY!"I scream/cry."It's okay" A voice said.My head jerks up and I look all around."Who are you? Stay away from me"I look around."I'm not gonna hurt you"The voice said again.Something suddenly grabbed my wrist,the person,who was a guy."Stop"I scream."Shhh,calm down Riley."The voice said."How do you know my name!?"I whisper."Who are you"I cry.This guy brings his thumb up and wipes my tears away.'Shh you'll be fine."He assures me."I want Harry"I tell him."Iwant home"I whisper.He hugs me.... I hug him back.He was the only thing I had right now.He lifts me up,like a baby and carrys me down the sidewalk,the opposite way I came."I wanna..."I drifted off to sleep.


 Harrys POV


"Riley!" I scream. "KENDALL! RILEY!"I scream again."Harry we'll search tomorrow"Perrie tells me."NO!"I screamed."I have to find her"I whisper."Harry,I promise,we'll find her tomorrow"Leigh-Anne hugs me."HARRY!"Georgia yells at me."I FOUND HER PHONE!"She screams again.I run over to Georgia.I took Rileys phone and entered her password,"Harry". I looked through her messages. A unknown person texted messaged her saying "I love you still,Riley please give me another chance.I instantly knew who it was... her ex James.


 Rileys POV

I wake up in  someone else's house.I instantly sit up and say "Hello?". "Ahh hey Ri"The guy walks in."James?"I say.I get up and I scootch away from him."Where's Kendall?"I ask him."She's fine,dont worry,shes in the backroom"He smiles."Dont smile you monster"I coldy say."Did she eat? Is she warm? Where is she sleeping?"I ask him."She eat,yes shes warm,and in the crib."He replys."Why"I yell."Why do you do this!?I scream louder.I can hear Kendall scream now.I run into the backroom and,find Kendall on the metal floor,balwing her eyes,she has a black eye and its colder than Winter time.I run back into the living room. "JAMES! YOU CANT JUST LEAVE HER LIKE THAT!"I scream at him.I ran back to Kendall and picked her up. "Rwiley"She whispered."Im here baby"I kiss her forehead.I bring her out to the living where James,was just casually sitting down."Im leaving"I tell him."No you're not"He says. He snapped his fingers and someone grabbed Kendall away from me."James  just stop!"I yell.The two guys walk away with Kendall.


James then instantly grabs me and kisses me. I pull back,no i hate him with all my heart."Stop!"I yell.Wait.. I should play good cop.. he'll let me leave sooner.Or he'll trust me and when's he sleeping or when hes gone,I can sneak out with Kendall.I hug him and kiss. I hate my life so much."I love you,James! I made the biggest mistake ever!"I fake smile.I drag him into his room and sit on his bed.I never wanted this to happen,but if it means getting out with Kendall,I'll do it.Im doing it for Kendall."Riley baby"He moans.Eww he's just so...him.I want Harry! "Yes babe"I bite my lip.He tackles me and lays on top of me.He kisses me .Next thing I know he toakes his shirt off and pants..Now he's in his boxer."I love you Harry"I think to myself.

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