Seven X

Aria and Rom have been best friends since the eight grade. But what happens when the death of Aria's family, and her little brother, Andy, their best friend, takes a toll on them both? Will it bring them closer? Will they finally see what was put in front of them, that fateful night of Andy's death? Then the two best friends start getting haunting dreams of Aria's brother, who is supposed to be dead. Is he really dead, or is someone just trying to cover it up?


1. Deadly Dreams and Evil Things

I bolted upright in bed, my face was wet and stained with tears. "Andy, are you okay?" I heard someone say, I knew that voice. It was Rom, my best friend since eighth grade.

"Yeah, I'm okay," I said, wiping my tears away with my sweatshirt's sleeve. He was sitting on the beig beanbag chair on the floor on the other side of the room. We'd fallen asleep watching a movie again. It was Friday night, we usually watched a movie and ate popcorn and ice ccream every Friday night. Rom's mother love me, and afte the accident, he was the only one I'd had left. She allowed him to come over and stay the night whenever.

My parents died three months ago in a car crahs. They were hit by some drunk driver and they were killed on impact. My little brother, Andrew, had been in the car with them, and he was killed as well. The past few months have been hell without them. Especially him, we were almost like twins. Growing up, we had always stuck to each other. He was extremely smart, so he got movied up two whole grade levels. Andrew, Rom, and i, were inseperable.

After the crash, I had stayed home for a week and a half. I never ate anything or talked to anyone. I just sat there, staring at a wall. I cried constantly, I even cried myself to sleep. I was a complete mess. Aunt Grace would make me dinner and put it ouside the door, but I never touched it. I never left me room. One morning, she'd even come in, and sat down next to me. She turned on some music from my play list, and did my hair, just like mom used to. We cried together for a very long time.

Rom had brought me a chocolate cake after the funeral, and even had a burned disk from the video he'd take at the homecoming game, that year we'd met, in the eighth grade. We had been best friends since the very first day. We sat there and watched the video together. I cried for hours after watching it, and so did Rom. Andrew had been his best friend, too. Even though Andy had been my brother,he was also my best friend. He was the only one we'd ever had.

Since Andrew passed, I took on his nickname, Andy. My real name is Aria, but I wasn't Aria without Andy and Rom. So my teachers changed the name on their rosters, and never got it wrong once. Everyone considered me strong after everything that had happened. And I was on the outside, but on the inside, I felt like I was dying.

Rom got up and came over to the bed, and sat down next to me, he looked at me with sad eyes. "Another nightmare?" he asked. I nodded. "Oh, it's going to be alright, love." He hugged me to him, I rested my head on his chest. He was born in England, and he'd moved here when we were in fourth grade. I just didn't know him ver well. He knew I loved it when he brought out the accent. Rom's real name was Romulus, but it was too long, and he didn't much care for it. So I nicknamed him Rom, while everyone else still called him Romulus. Andy and I had always called him Rom. After a few years of living here in America, he had lost his accent, but he still pulled it out sometimes. Only for me, after Andy died, I just wasn't the same. I must've had nightmares since the night of the crash, so Rom stayed over most nights.

I scooted over in the bed and laid back down, Rom took over the other side of the bed, and laid down behind me. He wrapped his arm around me and held me. I put my head on his chest and he started to hum a tune. It was the tune of our favorite song. It was the A team by Ed Sheeran.

I fell asleep to the beating of his heart, knowing that now he was here, no more nightmares could plague my night. I loved it when he slept in the same bed as me, he always protected me, and I felt safe. It's as if we were meant to find each other, we were meant to be friends, because this effected both of us. Our best friend had died, and we only had each other, to keep us from fading away.


Rom started shaking in his sleep, my eyes opened up and I reached up to touch his face, gently shaking him awake. "Rom, Rom, wake up," I said, he stopped shaking and opened his eyes. They glistened with tears, he'd been havign a nightmare. I knew the one, it had been the same one replaying in both of our heads for months, the one where Andy died.


Rom had called Andy's phone and my mother answered, setting it to speakeer phone. Rom and I were calling to check on my parents, to see where they were, because it was late on a Friday night. Mom and dad wereone their way home from picking Andy up from basketball practice in the small town just north of here, maybe twenty minutes away from here. It had been an hour since they left, so we were calling to check up on them. All we heard was both of my parents telling us that they loved us, and then we heard Andy say he loved us before we heard a horrid crunching noise.

I ran outside, followed by Rom, we ran all the way down the street to the sharp corner, where you turn to go towards the high school. I saw everything, all three of them, the blood. I ran to them, Rom calling the ambulance. I got Andy out of the car first, and he was still barely breathing. I begged him to hold on until the ambulance got there, holding his head. Rom knelt down beside me as Andy told us he loved us, and that he would never leave. He told us that he would always be with us, well these days, it kind of seemed like we were on our own.

In the dreams Rom and I kept having, Andy never said goodbye, he told us that it was all our fault, and he told us to got to hell. He told us that we could've saved him, but we let him die. Every night, I wake up in tears, calling out for Rom. Aunt Grace and Rom's mom, Maggie are really worried about both of us. OUr grades are still as high as they've always been, but we're not who we one were. The only time we act like we used to, is when we eat ice cream and popcorn on a Friday night while we're watching a movie. It was Andy's favorite thing to do. The last thing he didn't get to do. That night, we were sitting up, waiting for him to get hom before we started the movie.

Rom and I had never watched the movie. We stayed up all night crying. I called Aunt Grace, and she came up the next morning. She gave up her old life, were she was a lawyer in a big city, to come and take care of me.

Since Rom practically lived here and breathed the same as air as I did, she pretty much had to take care of us both. Aunt Grace wasn't really my aunt , just my mother's best friend, who I'd assumed was my aunt when I was a baby. I'd called her aunt for years, so it just stuck. I never would've thought that she would take my mother's place, and the Rom would take Andy's, but they were gone now, and they're the only people I have left.


"It's okay, Rommie. I'm right here, I know, I miss Andy, too."

"H-he's gone, Arie. I miss him so much. He was my best friend, why did he have to die? It was all that bastard, Darren's fault. He never should've gotten into the damn car. He never should've been drinking in the first place, but since he's a senior, he thinks he can do whatever he wants. Evern if that includes killing someone. Someone who had a family and friends and a future. He killed your whole family. I'm so sorry, Arie, I really am," he started crying into my shoulder softly. I gently stroked his hair with my hand and his sobs slowly stopped. When both of us cried anymore, it consumed us, racking our whole bodies.

I still remember the funeral. We had two, one for our parents, and another for Andrew. Everyone came to Andy's, he was the star player of the high school basketball team, and he had many friends. But he gave up popularity and a life, just so that he could be friends with Rom and I. We'd each given up popularity in order to be friends with each other. I was the star softball player of the spring and fall leagues, and Rom was the school's top record breaking track star. We chose to be together, instead of being friends with a whole bunch of fake people. People who didn't care where they were going to end up in five years.

"Shhh, it's okay, Rommie, here let's get some sleep. I'll take you up for ice cream in the morning, the good kind. The best kind, then I'll borrow some money from Grace, and I'll take you to Six Flags and the mall. We'll go out and have some fun tomorrow. We deserve it, we haven't had any fun since the accident."

"Okay, let's get some sleep. I promise, we'll have fun tomorrow, and I'll even buy you something. You'll see, I'll make you laugh for the first time in three months," he said, snuggling into me.

Three months, tomorrow was the three month anniversary of the crash. They were going to make a huge deal out of it, and I knew Rom and I wanted no part of what the school and the town was going to do for three people they didn't even know.

"-Stuck in a daydream," I heard Rom sing, just as I closed my eyes, and faded back into a dreamless night's sleep.


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