When you can't run away

Todd, Gracelyn and Rebecca used to have a normal life. Until their father was framed for a murder. Their mother moved into the middle of the woods and started home schooling them. Everything was do able until Foster, (Their mother's new husband) starts getting violent with them. When there is no where to run, what do you do?


2. TWO


I completely blew my fuse.

“Now, Gracie, I’m sorry.”

  I embraced her in another hug. The sad thing was, was I meant it. Every single word. “Now go help Momma with Rebecca, I have work to finish.” I pushed her away and went back to filling the tub for Foster. I trembled every time I even thought of his name. 11 years I’ve been living this lie. Hiding these secrets. I may not know a lot about laws and government but I can guarantee what he does to us is not legal.  I can’t even ask Gracelyn what he does to her anymore. I promised myself when Dad left I would never let these girls see me cry.  My Dad is Garret Morelli. The one that was falsely accused for the murder of Hannah Divan, Stupid jury obviously didn’t know the word innocent to save their lives.

“Is my bath ready?”  His voice echoed through the barn.

I tried not to let my voice shake “Yes Foster.”

“Took you long enough!” He slapped his belt across my face. I showed no sign of pain. “Get out of my barn!” He scolded slapping me again only this time I could feel the blood rushing down. I ran out to the back of the house and tried to sneak in without Gracelyn or Mom finding out. If mom saw, oh god I don’t want to know what Foster would do if Mom saw.

“Todd?” Shit. I heard Gracelyn’s voice echoing down the hall.

“Yeah?” I said rushing to the bathroom and locking the door.      

“Can you come here?” her voice was shaky. I wanted to clean up my face but I knew she was in trouble.

I ran up the stairs and into our room. When I opened the door I saw Gracelyn’s hands tied behind her back as she was sitting facing the corner.


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