When you can't run away

Todd, Gracelyn and Rebecca used to have a normal life. Until their father was framed for a murder. Their mother moved into the middle of the woods and started home schooling them. Everything was do able until Foster, (Their mother's new husband) starts getting violent with them. When there is no where to run, what do you do?


1. ONE


“I can’t walk no more!” Rebecca spat out flailing herself to the ground.

“Becca, we have to. Do you want Foster to be cross?” She shook her head no and scurried up onto her feet. “Good, now come on!” I took her hand and we quickened our pace. We headed toward what we called Berry-River.

I quickly filled up Rebecca’s basket with berries than ran down to the river to fill up my jug. We ran home as fast as we could. If we weren’t home before sunset we’d get beat for sure! We finally made it home without a second to spare.

“Gracelyn Hope! You almost got us all beat!” My older brother Todd scolded wrapping me in his arms before taking the jug from me.

“Rebecca decided to throw a fit!” I said picking the toddler up into my arms.

“I’m sorry Gacie (Her way of saying Gracie).” She said as she buried her head into my neck.

“It’s all right hun, go up for bed. Momma will help you get ready if you ask sweetly.” I smiled as I watched her run inside. 

I went back into the old barn (with no animals) where Todd was filling our “Bath tub” with the water from Berry-River. I saw there was a mark on his back. “Todd?” I asked trying not to startle him. He turned around so quickly as if trying to hide the wound.
“What? Don’t you have to finish your schooling?”

“It’s done” I held his shoulder as I walked behind him to get a better look at this mark.

“Gracie, it’s nothing I promise.” He sighed

“What happened?” I asked more worried now.

“Foster was just a little upset his bread was late and a little cold.” He said now turning to face me.

“Todd!” I embraced him in my arms being careful not to hurt him. “We can’t keep living like this.” I said finally letting go

“What do u ‘sppose we do? Tell Momma? All the hell that’ll do is get us beaten harder Gracelyn!” He saw my eyes start to water. He’s never gotten loud with me.

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