The Three Musquateers

Maire, Charlotte and Nolwenn go to a middle prom they re in highschool so middle proms aren t fun and then they find their idols attending the same dance as them
Read on to find out what happens... :)


5. Maire's POV

I wake up at 10:00. i head downstairs to get some breakfast. i go to the kitchen no one is there i head to the tv room no one is there either. Oh well i guess there at a signing or at the hospital with niall. I head to the kitchen when i feel to arms pull me back. I jump but realise it s harry.

" hello" he says in his sexy voice. he has a devilish grin on his face. Oh no that isn t good. But before i have time to run away i feel something wet and cold an my hair. I run to the sink and get a glass of water. I start chassing after him and when i m close enough i dump the glass of water on his hair.


He lifts me off the ground and heads for the pool.

" OH NO HARRY!" i schriek but he throws me in the pool and i pull him in. the water is freezing.

" I love you maire."

" i love you too" he leans in and kisses me. A sweet romantic kiss.

We have fun in the water for about an hour or soo. I din t keep track of time. We get out  of the water when we hear the door open.

" We re back!" i hear charlotte say.

Harry tells me to be quiet and to follow him. He gets out of the pool and i follow behind.

We run in and he jumps on everyone.

" GROUP HUG!" every one gets soacking wet but we laugh and then i flick my hair and every gets even more wet nolwenn and charlotte chase after me. I am too tired to run so i flop on the couch and everyone tackles me.

"I...I...can t ...breathe." i say

" GET OFF MY GIRL YOUR KILLING HER!" harry yells he helps me up and kisses me.

" EW! Get a room!"

I give Louis a death glare.

" Let s all get changed and then we can meat down here." Liam says

" yes daddy directioner" charlotte says like a little girl  liam laughs and kisses charlotte and heads downstairs.

I go upstairs and get in the shower. I change into sweat pants and a shirt written ' sarcasme are one of the many services i offer' then i leave my ginger locks down.

i meet everyone downstairs.

" Let s sign niall s cast!" nolwenn says

everyone agrees soo we all write something this is what everyone wrote on niall s cast:

nolwenn ' i love you get well soon. niall s princess xoxo <3

charlotte ' as a fellow directioner i hope that you get better '

liam ' toy story will always be by your side'

louis ' eat your carrots they will make you strong'

zayn ' be a man, be strong'

harry ' get well soon'

and finally me ' the three musquateers will always be with you

" thanks alot for signing my cast, but i don t clearly get maire s message?"

" well...nolwenn charlotte and i are the three musquateers." I says pretending to lift a sword in the air nolwenn and charlotte do too. evryone laughs.

" LET S GO TO NANDOS!" niall yells and is already at the door. everyone leaves and joins him i m in sweatpants but i don t care.


A/N  soo my friend charlotte wanted to know what character you  prefer please comment the name of your favorite character ( the boys don t count) :)




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