The Three Musquateers

Maire, Charlotte and Nolwenn go to a middle prom they re in highschool so middle proms aren t fun and then they find their idols attending the same dance as them
Read on to find out what happens... :)


6. Charlotte s POV

Charlote s POV

We got in the car and drove to nandos. i was sitting next to liam and he was playing with my hair.

" we are here louis says"

" YAYYYYYY" niall shouts while nolwenn is caming him down

" i love you" liam whispers in my ear

" i love you too" and i lean in to kiss him a sweet passionate kiss "

" come on lovebirds let s go inside " i give a death glare to harry

~~~skip restaurant~~~

~~~ 3 months later ~~~

" Charlotte hurry up liam is waiting for you" i hear harry scream. Liam has a suprise for me and harry has to drive me there. We drive until we arrive near a lake and harry gives me a card with ' 're ' written on it. Guess it s part of the suprise. I follow a path of roses untill i cross louis who gives me a card with ' I ' on it. I continue to follow the path and every one gives me a card soo far i have the words: ' 're ' ' I ' ' you. ' ' charlotte ' ' you ' and ' love ' i continue on following the path until i reach a desk. on it is the last card with the word ' amayzing ' and a riddle ' folllow your heart '. next to it is an upside down heart i continue on forwardand i find liam sat on a picnic blanket. i stay there standing with no words to say i m soo happy.

" may i please see your cards" liam says i hand him the cards and he puts them in a specific order sort of like a puzzle and it spells out:

' I love you. You're amayzing charlotte. '

" Oh my god liam thank you soo much" i run up to him and hug him

" i have something else"

" you don t need to this is all enough" he pulls out a bouquet and inside their is one fake flower " why is their a fake flower"

" because when the last flower dies that is when i will stop loving you"

he is soo sweet i lay down on his chest.

" did you know you are soo beautiful " he says and i giggle and he starts singing ' What makes you beautiful'

' you re insecure don t know what for you re turning heads when you walk through the d-o-o-r don t need make up to cover up being the way that you are is en-o-o-ugh. Everyone else in the room could see it everyone else but you.    Baby you light up my world like nobody else the way that you flip your hair get s me overwhelmed but when you smile at the ground it ain t hard to tell you don t know oh oh you don t know your beautiful...'

Liam has the best voice evr i fall asleep listening to his voice.

What a perfect night...

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