The Three Musquateers

Maire, Charlotte and Nolwenn go to a middle prom they re in highschool so middle proms aren t fun and then they find their idols attending the same dance as them
Read on to find out what happens... :)


3. a run away blond haired blue eyed


I open my eyes and i slowly look around the room i see harry,louis,zayn,liam,charlotte,and maire all with worried faces

" what happened?" i say in a very low voice my mouth is really dry

"where s niall" i start to panic and try sitting up but fail miserably and flop down on the bed.

" Whoa calm down" says harry

"where is niall" i start to wimper

I start crying oh shit they ve only known me for 2 days and they already see i m weak and hopless. I start crying even more,stupid,pathetic me!

"He s in his room." maire says trying to cheer me up

I struggle to run to his room and i knock no one answers so i knock again

"Niall please let me in!NIALL!"

"He doesn t want to open the door!" i say and lean against the door.

Through blurry eyes i see the boys trying to force the door open and they succeed. We all enter the room and to our suprise niall isn t here and the window is open. I run to the front door. The boys,maire and charlotte ar hot on my trail i don t care i continue on running. I don t know where i m going it s like my legs are moving on their own.

" Nolwenn come back!" charlotte yells.

I quickly stop when i see a figure in a dark alleway. I hope it s niall. I get closer and then the figure stands up and i start to pannic but soon i feel two strong arms hold me tight.

"Niall is that you?" i say shyly

"it s me don t worry i m here."

" why did you run out. i was really worried." i start crying

" calm down shh i m here" he says while rubbing circles on my back.

" let s go home" we start walking but then i hear a faint ow.

" Oh my god niall are you okay?" i start to panic...again. Yipee 2 for my stupid self and 0 for my brave self!

" i m fine "I  lift his ankle Niall screeches really loud. 

" Niall we have to get you to the hospital quickly guys can you get the car!"

" calm down i m okay"

" no you aren t "

" calm down" he says while rubbing circles on my back.

i decide to start a conversation while we re waiting for the boys and find out why he ran away.

" sooo... why did you run away"


" You can tell me "

' it s just that well you know how you blacked out after i  threw you in the pool, well i felt really guilty so i ran away." he said and was now crying

" oh it s okay nialler i will always love you but you re the one who pulled me out of the pool so you saved me and i m safe"

" yeah but you almost drown due to me! I M LAME AND PATHETIC!"

" no you aren t" i try to hold his hand but he pulls it away and he sits in the far end of the alleway sit next to him and remain silent he finally pulls me into a hug and i see he tries not crying.

"GUYS" we hear screaming i get niall and help him to walk to the car.



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