The Three Musquateers

Maire, Charlotte and Nolwenn go to a middle prom they re in highschool so middle proms aren t fun and then they find their idols attending the same dance as them
Read on to find out what happens... :)


2. A perfect day?

I wake up with the light from the window curse the stupid curtains. I finally decide to get out of bed.  ' you ll never love yourself half as much as i love you' my phone rings playing niall s solo. I answer it i hear niall say " Do you want to come to the fair with me, Oh yeah  liam told me to ask if charlotte wants to come?" " Tell maire she can come tooooooo" i faintly here harry scream i giggle a little and tell niall i would be glad to come and that i will ask maire and charlotte.

" Ok bye"

" Bye! OUR FIRST DAY TOGETHER!" niall yells i flinch at the sudden increse in volume and then i hang up. Soo what do i do first i think uhm... CALL THE GIRLS i shout and diall charlotte s number

" hello charlotte speaking who is this?"

" Hi this is nolwenn The boys asked if maire and you want to go to the fair?"

"sure "

" can you guys come 30 minutes early so we can do each others hair and makeup"

"good idea!"

"say hi to maire for me"


" sorry i didn t hear you bye see you later"

"Bye" they sing in harmony i giggle and hang up

to nialler: ' they can both come what s your adresse?'

from nialler: ' YAY! We can pick you up'

to nialler: ' no it s fine i don t want to cause trouble '

from nialler: ' I insist!'

to nialler: ' ok! my adresse is 5304 Sundale Av pick me up in 2:00 hours i need to get ready bye'

from nialler: ' see you then love'

I take a shower and blow dry my hair i then tie it in two french braids. i pick out a dress a whit dress with pink flowers and a big brown belt a the waist level. On top i wear a white jacket and pink flats. I hear a doorbell ring and i open it to find two smiling girls and they both hug me.

" guys calm down your acting like you haven t seen me in months!"

"Hihihi" they both giggle

"Let s get ready there coming to get us in 30 minutes i already did my hair but you can do my make up."

" LET S BEGING" maire yells and runs up to my room.

I style maire s pretty ginger hair into a side french braid and charlotte leaves her hair on the side it s soo pretty it s naturaly 4 different colours i personnaly am jealous my hair is a plain brown. But life is unfair i think.

~*~ 30 minutes later ~*~

 Ding Dong

I run to the door followed by my two over exited friends. I answer it and see niall i blush at the sight of him. Why do I always blush in front of him i mentaly slap myself. Charlotte and maire are already in the car talking niall takes my hand and opens the door to the passenger seat niall is driving one hand on my knee i think he saw that i was a bit stressed about the people there.

we arrive at the fair niall buys some tickets as i step in line to buy some tickets for me a strong grip pulls me back i see that it s niall.

" what are you doing?"

" buying some tickets what else" i answer

" I m not going to let you" He hands me some tickets but i push them away and get back in  line

" I don t want to cause trouble you already picked me up at my house so i insist that i buy my own tickets"

but before i can finish my sentence i feel some one lifting me up and take me away


"Nope" they answer together niall finally puts me down and we start going on rides.

We spend the whole day there.

" Okay guys do you want to hang out at my house" harry says he is holding maire s hand awwww soooo cute.

"SURE" We all scream

~*~ skip car ride~*~

we arrive at harry s house and harry says "LET S GO TO THE POOL"


Every jumps in with their clothes i stay aside i don t want to go near the pool then i hear steps behind me niall picks me up and walks near the pool


too late i feel myself sink to the bottom then i feel a strong grip around me before everything goes black.


A/N I might write a third chapter tonight if i don t i will try tomorow bye. hope you like it so far.


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