The Three Musquateers

Maire, Charlotte and Nolwenn go to a middle prom they re in highschool so middle proms aren t fun and then they find their idols attending the same dance as them
Read on to find out what happens... :)


4. a lovely encounter

During the car ride niall screaches at every slight movement.

Charlotte s POV
I m  soon happy liam and i are finally official and he s soo sweet.We stayed at home while the boys went to bring niall to the hospital.

" what do you want to do love?"

" I don t know" i had nothing special in mind.

" Come i have to show you something" he said pulling my hand

" oh what is it?"

" It s a suprise" we hop in the car and he starts driving. We arrive near a cliff and he pulls out a picnic basket.

" oh liam thank you thank you!"

"Anything for you love" he says and then kisses me.

we stay for a while looking at the stars i m laying my head  on his chest and he is playing with my hair. the sky is so beuatiful and the fact that i m with the love of my life makes it even better.

" we should be heading home the others are probably going to arrive soon"

" yeah and i still have to get home for tonight because i have school tomorow."

we hop in the car and start driving away.

Niall s POV

i wince in pain as the car moves, nolwenn is holding my hand to comfort me. We finally arrive at the hospital and i try my best to walk but it hurts like crazy. i feel so guilty for screaming at her. omg i still haven t asked her out oh well i will find a way to ask her out romanticly.

" Mr. Horan?"

" yes that s me" i say raising my hand, i walk into a room everything is white and nolwenn helps me to sit on the bed i flinch when she moves my leg.

" oh I m really really sorry." she says she has a worried look on my face.

" don t worry i m" going to be alright i tell her. she worries too much about me but i understand.

Nolwenn s POV

" don t worry i m going to be alright" he says

" I will be taking Mr. Horan to get an X-ray" i hear a nurse say. i look up and see a joung lady about my age probaly a year or two older. " My name is Ms. Danllabar but you can call me Lena."

" hello i m nolwenn, and this is niall"

"OMG nolwenn it s been years since last time we saw each other."

" actualy four years last time we saw each other was before you moved to london for your career."

" i didn t know you moved to london"

we here a cough and we look back and i see niall in pain.

" oh i m sorry i have to start your treatment, nolwenn you have to go in the waiting room during the X-ray but you can come whenn he s getting a treatment."

" ok see you soon niall" and i kiss him on the cheek and leave

I see niall blush, i didn t know boys could blush.

Maire s POV

i m worried for nolwenn and niall. Yeah the Ns i laugh at my joke and harry asks why i m laughing i tell him my joke and we laugh. nolwenn comes and she is smiling i wonder what happend back there.

" someone s in a good mood"

she sits down and doesn t asnswer me i continue on talking with harry. my head is rested on his chest and i fall asleep.

Nolwenn s POV

Maire fell asleep on harry s chest. awww soo sweet

"Mr. Horan is ready for his treatment and requested your presence." lena says

" Yes Ms. Danllabar i m coming" i say and i giggle

" This way follow me"

I walk behind lena i hope niall is okay and it s nothing serious. We walk into the room niall seems in pain. i sit next to him and take his hand and he squezes my hand really hard. It seems more serious than a simple sprain.

" We went and got an X-ray it showed that Mr. Horan broke his ankle. we will make him a cast so he will have to stay here for the night so you will have to leave because you can t stay while we put his cast and it will be too late to see him after because the hospital will be closed to public. I m sincerly sorry."

" goodbye niall see you tomorow" i say i feel a tear run down my cheek but i wipe it away quickly i hug him goodnight and i head back to the waiting room where maire and harry are.

Maire s POV

i hear nolwenn come back she is whispering because i fake sleep. Harry picks me up bridal style and leads me to the car i m not sleeping but i pretend to be sleeping beause i want to stay in harry s arms.

Charlotte tells nolwenn we have to get home but harry says we can stay for the night and i fall asleep for real this time.









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