The Three Musquateers

Maire, Charlotte and Nolwenn go to a middle prom they re in highschool so middle proms aren t fun and then they find their idols attending the same dance as them
Read on to find out what happens... :)


1. The dance

Charlotte, Maire and i were headed to the dance that was located in the local middle school,being in highschool we knew what middle school proms were like they weren t great but we didn t care because we wanted to get out of our house and leave our annoying siblings. We also wanted to spend some time together. We arrived at the dance and we saw a crowd.Charlotte and Maire being their curious selves went over to look but i didn t because unlike Charlotte and Maire i was completly paranoid of crowds. So i just went to the back of the room. As to what i heard the hussle was because one direction was here yes the one and only ONE DIRECTION stood in front of me but my legs wouldn t bring me near them instead i backed away. Ugh sometimes i hate me being paranoid! Charlotte always had a HUGE crush on liam so they were talking and charlotte seemed overjoyed. And maire was talking to harry and louis, I think they were talking about carrotts maire was in hysterics along with harry and louis had a questioning look on his face i looked over to see zayn checking his hair. Typical zayn. All four boys were there. Wait! WHAT! FOUR i thought they were five where s niall? 

" Hello" an voice with an irish accent said. Niall was standing in front of me waving a hand in front of my face.

" I-I-m sorry"

"What are you sorry about" he said with a questioning look

" For starring" I said in a very low voice while looking at my feet.

"It s fine love, now come meet the lads!" he pulled me by my arm and led me near the crowd then i froze

"What s wrong"

'' I m paranoid of crowds"

" It s fine i ll be here for you" and he slid his hand into mine this caused me to shiver but in a good way not the type of shiver where your cold or scared no shivers that made me feel safe.

We talked for an hour or so i didn t keep track of time i was too busy laughing. At 11:00 pm The girls and i left charlotte kissed liam good night and maire just hugged harry. I didn t even look at niall. Stupid me i mentally face palmed my face. Before leaving niall sliped a piece of paper into  my hand i didn t bother looking at it i was saving it for later. We arrived at the car maire and charlotte were screaming because they saw one direction i opened the piece of paper niall gave me on it was written;

I love you here s my number. good bye


i held the paper near my heart i was very happy as charlotte droped me off i waved goodbye and ran up to my room i changed into som sweats and a shirt written ' I m purrfect on it' and it had a cat on it. I put niall s number in my contacts so i didn t lose it and i went to sleep.



A/N sorry this is a really short chapter i will try making longer chapters but this is a begining hope you like it please comment like or even favorite (if you want) thnx hope you liked it




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