MY savior

Erika always wanted to go see One Direction in London. She bought herself a plane ticket to London and some money with her. After an incident of someone stealing her money and luggage, she is now lonely on the streets roaming around with no food. She stumbles upon a brown curly hair boy she recognize from. One direction, Harry Styles.How will she react to harry?


2. No money, no clothes, no food.

As I go to the luggage station and look through my Luggage is not there. It has been stolen by someone. I just run out grabing a map and leave. I go to an alley way and sit behind a dumpster, crying.

Harry's POV

I came back from Nandos and While I pass an alley I hear crying. I stop. It is a girl crying. I walk into the alley and see the girl. She has beautiful brown hair and brown eyes." Are you okay?" I said " No i am not, all my money is gone with my clothes and i have no where to stay at. I am also lost."she said "What is your name?" I ask "Erika"she said "Well Erika, would you like to go to my place and clean up."I ask "yes please" she said "My name is Harry, Harry Styles."yes I know you are from one direction. You are my favorite one." she replies "Oh well that is great, we will get along together."I lead her to my car, open the door and let her in. I go to the other side and go in. I start driving to my house. "So tell me about yourself Erika."I said "I came from America , I am 18 and I have a good education."she said   well that is a short breif of you."  I said "Yes it is." she said. " we arrived at our destination." I said in a GPS voice. She giggled.We get out of the car and go to the door.I unlock it. "this is huge!" she exclaimed "Haha" I laughed

"so where is the bathroom?" she questioned "over there to the right."I said " Okay thank you." she leaves.I went up to my room.

Liam's POV

I just came back from Nandos with the boys and Simon called and told me that we had an interview tomorrow. So I called Harry to tell him first. :ringing: " hey Harry!"I said " Sup Liam, What's up?" he said "we have an interview tomorrow at 10:00 at the studio." I said "Ohh..."he mumbled "Is there a problem Harry?" I said "well I brought home a girl, her name is Erika.Someone stole her luggage so I brought her with me." "well she can't come to the the interview." "Then I won't go without her."I protested "Fine I'll see what I can do for her to go with us.""thank you call me back."

Erika's POV

I came back from the restroom and did not know where to go. I called out "Harry where are you?" he come down in Pjs which are boxers. " Yes Love?" he said " where do I sleep? and what clothes do I where?"I said " You can sleep with me or on the couch and I will give you some clothes.Follow me." He left . I followed him into a big room. " Wow this is huge!"I exclaimed." Yes, here is a white T-shirt and some shorts."he said " Thank You, I will sleep on the couch." I said and left the room to the couch and fell alseep.

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