MY savior

Erika always wanted to go see One Direction in London. She bought herself a plane ticket to London and some money with her. After an incident of someone stealing her money and luggage, she is now lonely on the streets roaming around with no food. She stumbles upon a brown curly hair boy she recognize from. One direction, Harry Styles.How will she react to harry?


3. Interview with the Lads

No One's POV

Erika was sleeping wondering how she is going to live in  London with any money or clothes.It was 8:00am in the morning when Harry woke up.He put on a white shirt, blue skinny jeans and black nikes. He went down stairs and straight to Erika shaking her."Wake up, Wake up! We need to go to an itnerview."he yelled " What time is it?I dont have any clothes!"Erika says ''Then we will stop at the mall and buy you clothes."Harry said "Also the time is 8:15 so i will make breakfast while you go take a shower.Mmm K?" "Ok"Erika walked to the bathroom. Harry went to the Kitchen and made eggs,bacon,and choclate chip pancakes.He gets two plates and serves them."Food is ready!"Harry yells out. Erika comes out and sits at the table. "Thank you Harry for everything. I probably would be dead by now."Erika says " Well we have a tight schedule, we will go to the mall for Half an hour then head to the interview.After we get you more clothes cause I am only buying you 2 outfits."Harry explains "Good Plan."Erika says When they both finish eating the go into a Cheverat Malibu and drove to the mall.The went into New York and Company(A/N Real store it is true.)She pick out 2 skinny jeans the color pink and a top like dress a little bellow the waist and some new dresses with flowers. She didn't want to spend a lot of money. After Erika was done and Harry paid they went out to the interview. Erika decided not to sit in the recording live because she was afraid she was gonna trip on wires. Erika just played on tempke run her phone. Feeling bored as usual. When she was back home in America she has something to do. Well, she didn't go much places so she would figure out what. But this was a radio station nothing but to her the broadcasting sounds. Time passes by and soon they were done. Erika actually fell alseep like a pretty baby in Harry's eyes. he gentlely wakes her up. she opened her eyes. and got her stuff and walked to the car with Harry. she asked,"how was the interview?" "It went quite well." harry still driving. they parked the car at a cafe.

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