MY savior

Erika always wanted to go see One Direction in London. She bought herself a plane ticket to London and some money with her. After an incident of someone stealing her money and luggage, she is now lonely on the streets roaming around with no food. She stumbles upon a brown curly hair boy she recognize from. One direction, Harry Styles.How will she react to harry?


4. If I was invincible I would talk forever…

We sat there and talked all night telling each other about our lives. Knowing each other greater then before. I noticed every detail about her. Her freckles on her face. Chocolate colored eyes and rich brown hair that leans on her shoulder as it was relaxing. The way she spoke every detail. I knew a lot. Almost everything from her childhood to now. I told her everything about me even my secrets because I knew when I am with this girl she is trustworthy . It was closing time so we headed to the park. Sat down near the lake nearing sunset the sky was turning a bright orange. We played a few games around the lake. When we finished we saw the sun go down. I imagined a future with her for a second. I think to myself ... Is she the one I truly love? I soon saw she was asleep in my arms as a baby angel. I carried her to the car and drove home. I lay her on my bed. I change and get a blanket right about to leave she said something. " please sleep with me?" She whispered. I turn around and walked to the bed and spread the blanket around us. Erika cuddled in my arms and smiled. I feel like if this could be forever. 

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