MY savior

Erika always wanted to go see One Direction in London. She bought herself a plane ticket to London and some money with her. After an incident of someone stealing her money and luggage, she is now lonely on the streets roaming around with no food. She stumbles upon a brown curly hair boy she recognize from. One direction, Harry Styles.How will she react to harry?


1. London

Erika's POV

Today is the day I leave to london. The reason why I am leaving is to be in the town of one direction.I wanna spot one of them somewhere. My favorite one is Harry Styles. I love his curly brown hair and his green eyes. If only he was my boyfriend. " honey hurry up we go to get to the airport."my mother called "Coming mom." I grab my luggage and my money then go downstairs."Come on, let's go the car"my mother says. As were driving I ask my mom"Mom are you sure of this? I can go?" "yes sweetie you are grown up now and it is your life. I Have no right to rule it.We are here."my mother replies " thank you mom, I love you." I get out of the car and get my tickets I reserved. After I wait awhile for my plane. "Flight 53 is now aboarding."the announcer says. I grab my stuff and 'hop' onto my plane. I sit alone with my book and start to read.A few hours later i fell alseep. After about 4 hours I was woken up by a flight attendant. "Mam, you have to leave the plane now." she said "O I am sorry."i said and leave the plane with my book. Then I go to the luggage sation.

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