Left Me Broken

Lacey And Harry had it good three years ago. Not once have they spoken since the break up, but now being an international superstar, Harry encounters Lacey in New York. Is it fate bringing them for a second chance? Or history waiting to repeat itself?


2. Hello again

Lacey's POV:
It's been such a long time since we've last talked. As of right now, he was a pop star, like any other male artist in a mega boy band. Once we were close lovers and friends, now well, I don't know about that, I guess we're just simple people that once loved but now back to bitter strangers, something every girl hated to be. ~~~~~~~~~~~~
I let out a deep sigh and straightened my coat, it's was bitter cold in New York especially in December. I glanced at my reflection in the mirror, and forced a fake smile on my face. It's been three years, when we last talked, I couldn't remember a time when we weren't screaming at each other, fighting, or when both of us weren't angry and sad. But one thing I do know, our love was a god damn roller coaster. With it's downs, it also had its ups In it, like when he would hold me close late at night and- I shoved the thoughts out of my head, thinking of him would only cause pain. I shook of the emotions and memories and headed out Into the city. Down the busy streets I went. Often brushing shoulders with an angry New Yorkers, and always passing a cart or store with his stupid smiling face, and Taylor swift hand in hand as happy as can be. I swear I couldn't go anywhere without seeing his face. I shook my head and laughed as I passed what I counted as the 49th magazine with him on the cover. The cold air nipped at my face as I bustled through various crowds and people. I stopped right across the street in front of Central Park and took a deep breath. The place where Harry was last. I had a strange urge to cross the street and walk by, but I knew he wouldn't be there and if he was, what are the chances of him remembering me. I glanced around and noticed a man wearing a black hood watching me from across the street. His faced was covered by the shadows. A wave of uneasiness washed over me, along with a series of chills, god why is he looking at me? Why am I looking back at him? He started making his way across the street, slowly approaching. I quickly spun around and started speed walking, glancing behind me. And just like a normal person would totally do, he was following me. Shit shit what if he's a rapist? I thought. My heart started to beat a little faster as he start running towards me. I pushed through the crowd
And ran into an empty alley way where I stood to catch my breath. "Oh thank god," I said quietly as I let out quick short breathes. I let my self recover for awhile facing the brick wall in front of me, letting the quiet empty silence sink in. Just then a voice spoke up, "Is that really you,Lacey?" Those words replayed in my head slowly.
My eyes widened and I held in my breath, no way it couldn't be, this is all a prank I thought to myself, but then Again who would have that same exact voice? I bit my lip and turned around slowly, thoughts and emotions welling inside me making me feel tight. as i turned around sure enough Harry was standing tall, his chest rising and falling, small wisps of white clouds puffing from his mouth, his brown hair tousled from running and being kept in a hood, I slowly worked my eyes up to his face and in that moment I felt the first line of defense in my heart crack a little as I looked up and my eyes met his deep green ones.
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