Left Me Broken

Lacey And Harry had it good three years ago. Not once have they spoken since the break up, but now being an international superstar, Harry encounters Lacey in New York. Is it fate bringing them for a second chance? Or history waiting to repeat itself?


1. Love

Love. I don't really have a clue to what love is. Maybe it's the way somone feels towards somone else. Or the way he grabs her waist to go slow dancing. Or maybe the way she's in deep thought when she wakes up finding him cuddling beside her. Maybe it's all the smiles someone gives or the way someone shows it all. It could be hugging, kissing, cuddling, holding hands, or even just staring. Love can be anything, but it ends up as only one thing. Maybe that is love. I can't say I've felt all these, but I know I've loved. And is loving. Or I am in love. There is nothing wrong with being in love, it's another means of thing in the world that can make you happy. Everyone has loved. You just didnt know it yet.
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