World So Cold

Love is never simple. Love is never easy. There is more grey than there is black and white. Zayn Malik Fan Fiction


10. Testify


Siobhan and her family spend the day in New York City, and though they offered for me to come, I chose to stay behind for answers. I start with a drive to the other part of town, and I knock on Vita’s door. When she answers, she pulls me in immediately and closes the door. “You are so stupid Paco, comin to this side of town. Honcho has Ramon Perez looking after the streets”

By looking after the streets, she really means watching us. Who is Ramon Perez, where did he come from. There are many questions but Vita tells me what she knows. “He’s related to Honcho somehow, and they aint taking the upcoming trial lightly. Are you still testifying against Honcho?”

“Claro, of course” I respond almost too quickly. How could I not testify? Damien is dead, murdered, and it all could have been avoided if Honcho hadn’t started popping his gun like a lunatic. “Vita, Damien is dead” I remind her.

“I know but…” as she says this, I can tell there is more to it.

“But what”, I raise my voice at her, and she jumps some. “Dime todo! Tell me everything you know Vita, this isn’t a joke” my tone makes her cower in a corner of her small living room.

“Last night Giancarlo went to go see Olive, and he stopped at a floral shop to get her something, when he got to his car, Ramon was standing there waiting. He’s so dangerous he doesn’t need people around him, he works alone when he on someone. They beat the shit outta Giancarlo, as a warning to us all”

“Where did this happen” I adjust the cap on my head nervously. “Vita where” I demand. “Donde?!”

She looks at me with sad eyes, she looks at me as if we are all doomed. “At Lucky’s floral”, she responds softly running her hands through her wavy hair. Lucky’s floral shop is a flower shop owned by Mr. & Mrs. Chen, its pretty pricey but the arrangements are nice. I know the place well because I had gotten congratulatory flowers for Miss Kline there a few days ago on behalf of her new book. It is exactly three blocks from Siobhan’s house. This raises a major red flag. Honcho always kept his work in the hood, but Ramon is bringing it wherever it suits him. Ramon doesn’t care what part of town he is on, the job will get done. “Paco, their trying to tell us something”

“What did Giancarlo say” I am pacing the square living room, unable to calm my nerves.

“He told me that Ramon told him that if we testify, our heads are on the line”

That night, Siobhan and I kissed. I want it to go further, I want to show her what making love is, and not what she thought it was. But I don’t allow it. Vita has urged me not to testify and she made it clear that for her own safety, she wont testify. In fact, not only was she not going to testify, but she considered leaving town.

It is noon, the morning after the kiss and as everyone sleeps, I get on my bike and head over to Giancarlo’s apartment. He lives with his mother, but she is at work. It pisses me off when Olive opens the door so casually; I brush past her into the apartment and close the door with a push. “You trying to get killed?” I ask her, rage soaring through my every vein.

“Funny, I should ask you the same question” she responds folding her arms across her chest.

This is so NOT how I wanted to spend my Christmas break from school. Two weeks off, free from studies or anything school related but damn I’d rather go back. I’m starting to question if I will make it back.

“Paco, I know this is bad…and Giancarlo is hurt real bad” she pauses and looks at me. I can tell she has spent most of the day crying. “I told the attorney’s I wouldn’t testify”

So Vita was out, and now, so was Olive. Did these people forget Damien died at Honcho’s hands? And Siobhan, well she made it clear she wouldn’t testify from day one. So who does that leave, me and me alone? Nice….

“Olive, Damien is dead, we owe it to him and his honor to testify”

“He is dead, and as many times as I wish it were different, it isn’t. You have done enough for him, why put yourself in harms way again?” she is pleading now. “Take your own life into consideration, don’t testify”


“You’re testifying?” Giancarlo’s eyes go round and his mouth drops. He is laying on his bed, his face is swollen like a grape and he broke two ribs. “Do you have a death wish cabron?” There is a black cloud around his eye and his lip is fat. “Paco, consider your own life. Que te pasa if you testify huh?” he sits up slowly leaning against the headboard and winces. “Piensalo Puto, think about it. You testify, they are going to go after the ones you care about, y despues, they’ll kill you”

I sit on the bed with my head in my hands. “They can have me, “ I tell him truthfully. Ramon, Honcho and all of his men can have me.

Ay stupid” Giancarlo scolds. “I’m telling you what Ramon told me, do you see my face? Take it as a warning, entiendes” he shakes his head. “If they got a vengeance for you, it wont just be you” He looks at me like I am an idiot, and maybe I am. “They’re going to go after Siobhan, and that’s if they don’t get their hands on you first”

Siobhan. They wont, they cant….there is no way I’d allow it. “Giancarlo, there is no way I’d let them hurt her”

He looks at me as if deep in thought, he then opens his bedside drawer and pulls out a black .45 gun. “Then you’ll need this” he holds it out to me.

When I take the gun from him, I know my life is taking a turn.

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