World So Cold

Love is never simple. Love is never easy. There is more grey than there is black and white. Zayn Malik Fan Fiction


11. Snowball


Madison Square Garden….sold out; if that doesn’t get your blood racing, I don’t know what will. The crowd is massive, and the hands that sway in the air look like a wave joined together. Posters held up proclaiming love, and some with LED lights attached to them around the corners, those are the ones that really catch your attention. I have had many favorite moments in this career, but this moment has to be the greatest. Madison Square Garden…sold out. How many artists can say they have sold out a venue like Madison Square Garden.

The after party is with our closest friends, there is a karaoke stage set up, and the dance floor is rather large. We aren’t the best dancers but it helps when you have a partner. Harry is with Taylor, Liam with Danielle, Louis with Eleanor and Niall had even bought a girl along. She looks familiar but her name isn’t coming to me. My phone goes off twice before I make my way out of the party and into a secluded area. I answer on the fourth call.

“Hello” I say into the phone but it is quiet for a moment. The number is unrecognizable, I should stop answering unknown numbers…. “Hello”

“Zayn” the voice is unrecognizable, but there is a light accent to it. “Zayn its Paco”

Paco….as in Paco Fuentes. What could he want? Is he mad with me? “Paco….hi…”

“Look, I cant talk long, but I testified this morning against Honcho”

What he says doesn’t alarm me, at first. But then it clicks, somehow, it clicks. “They’re on you?”

“Yeah” he sighs. “I don’t have the courage to tell Siobhan myself, her parents know. This isn’t easy” he pauses. “I know she trusts you…and her parents understand that too…”

I am tempted to hang up, I don’t want to be part of some illegal mess. But I don’t hang up. “Zayn I don’t know when they’re going to strike, its scary you know, I want you to look after her”

Her…her meaning Siobhan. Was it that bad….

Paco, why haven’t you gotten the police on it”

“Because” he pauses. “If I go to police, they’ll get my family. Honcho has someone in Mexico as we speak….” his voice cracks some. “Everyone told me not to testify, but I did it for my brother”

“So what happens now” I ask….its hard not to feel for someone like Paco Fuentes. Misunderstood, yet he means well. Damien, his brother, and now Siobhan…the way he cares for other people surpasses how most people do. “Her parents are trying to leave town. They said something about California”

“Paco what am I supposed to do…I failed her once, she doesn’t want anything to do with me” I say sadly. I am sad for him, and myself, and Siobhan.

“Right now, I need you to look after her, she may fight it off but she thinks about you” he tells me this as if he is admitting it to himself. “I don’t know how things are going to turn out, but if it turns out bad, all I ask is that you don’t turn your back on her”

I look to the sky, and there are few stars out tonight. It is cold, and bitter. “I wont” I tell him, and I am being as honest as I can be. I may not exactly understand Paco Fuentes, but there is a part of me that feels like I had him wrong the whole time. Whatever he has with Siobhan, there is feeling there, enough feeling that he goes to me. “Paco I’m sorry for everything” I tell him this in hopes that maybe things will turn out ok, and Siobhan can have her guardian angel. He has been so much more to Olive, Damien and Siobhan than just a friend. He looked out for them, and now his life was on the line because he testified in Damien’s honor.

All the times I looked down upon Paco Fuentes, he had been a bigger man than I could ever be.

“It’s okay Zayn. I’m not even worried about it, entiendes” and this is the mutual understanding we share. He has other things to worry about, things I wouldn’t even begin to be able to comprehend….his life has been the opposite of mine. He makes me realize I am lucky, I am blessed… “I have to go”

“Wait” I say and scratch the 2 days worth of facial hair growing along my jaw. “Paco, I hope it works out for you”

“You and me both” he says and hangs up.

I look to the sky again, and flurries start to fall. Snowflakes landing all around me. I think about what Paco must be doing, and how he must be feeling. I’m afraid for him, and I prey for him. The snow is sticking to the ground now, and I think of Damien. Damien Sewell loved the snow, he loved the winter. He would put snow down our shirts and run away laughing. He would make snowballs and throw them at oncoming cars.

I bend down, and gather some of the cold snow in my hands. I mesh it together into a ball and throw it at the door of an oncoming car. As it hit’s the vehicle, the snow breaks and the car doesn’t stop. It snows harder now, and instead of feeling cold, I feel comforted.

Damien loved the snow, is it crazy for me to think this is Damien telling me things will be ok?


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