Sneaking off to see One Direction

A group of friends join together to see the greatest band of all time - ONE DIRECTION!!!
Trouble is, Mai-Leigh's parents tell her she can't go.
So what do they do?? Sneak her out of the house to go to the concert....what are friends for???


2. The beginning

There were 5 friends. 5 friends seeing each other through thick and thin, always. Mai-Leigh, Betti, Antonia, Ami and Haley.

These girls had been the best of friends since they were little. Mai-Leigh and Betti were neighbours, and the other girls joined them at school a little later. They were inseparable. Throughout their lives, their personalities shone through. Mai was a bit of a headstrong rebel, getting into trouble every now-and-again from her pranks. Betti studied a lot, people were often unsure how she and Mai were friends. Antonia was talkative and bubbly. Ami was quiet and shy. Finally, Hayley was very friendly, and popular. They made a great team.


Together they ruled the school. And one day, they listened to a recording of a new band "One Direction" and they were instantly hooked! 3 years later, still in school, they were still listening to the bands' tunes. But now, the band was infamous around the globe. And that's where we start our story...


The bell rang for the end of school and all 5 girls headed straight to their lockers.

"Hey Bee!" Antonia shouted, "How was Calculus?"

"As boring as ever!" Betti laughed, putting her work into her locker, "The guys on live on Music News tonight, want to watch it at mine??"

"Hey guys, how's it going?" Haley interrupted, Ami and Mai-Leigh beside her

"Music News live tonight, Bee's place!" Antonia beamed

"Can't tonight Bee, got detention!" Mai-Leigh sighed

"Again? Isn't that like the 3rd time this month?" Ami sighed

"Yeah....well what do they expect me to do when they put in new TVs? Not use them to my advantage to take over the school?" Mai-Leigh said proudly

All the girls laughed together, remembering the look on the Vice-Principal's face trying to undo Mai-Leigh's magical prank.

"Fine, but we'll let you know if anything important happens!" Betti smiled, as the girls left to her house, leaving Mai-Leigh for her detention.


Mai-Leigh walked into the classroom of Mrs. Mundy, her arch-rival and sat down.

"Do you have any idea why you're here young lady?" Mrs. Mundy snapped

"Pretty sure it's to do with the TV mishap last week" Mai-Leigh was sarcastic

"I've already phoned your parents to explain the situation, let's hope it doesn't happen again!" Mrs. Mundy groaned

"We can but hope" Mai-Leigh put on a fake smile and got to her detention - she had to put many letters in envelopes for parents.



The four girls managed to get to Betti's house fairly quickly after leaving the school. Betti's parents ordered pizza for the girls and left them to watch the TV.

"Shame Mai couldn't be here. She always loves seeing Louis!" Antonia laughed

"Well, she shouldn't have done what she did!" Bee sighed as the tune for Music News Live started.


"And here they are guys! ONE DIRECTION!!!" the announcer Dan Lowes spoke


The girls started screaming, much to the shock of Betti's parents in the kitchen.


"Hey everyone!" Harry and the other boys waved.

"So guys, you said you had some big news for us!" Dan explained

"Well...we're actually going on tour!" Zayn explained


"On tour? Sounds exciting!" Haley jumped up and down

"Don't get too excited! They'll never come here!" Betti sighed

"And it'll probably be overpriced!" Ami sighed

The boys on the TV started to list places that the tour would take place, when all of a sudden, the girls snapped their necks quickly to try and listen again.

"What did they just say?" Antonia asked, turning up the volume


"You heard it guys, their tour will end in Nottingham! That's all for now, I bet there's hundreds of girls rushing now to buy their tickets!!! Music News Live out!" Dan smiled as the programme ended


"In Nottingham?" Ami stared at the TV, still open mouthed

"Our city?? They're coming to our city???" Haley got excited.

The girls then got on the internet straight away to buy the tickets. 5 tickets.


"Oh....I've got to tell Mai!" Betti texted their missing friend.



Mai-Leigh smiled at her phone as she received the text from Betti, and she replied quickly about her excitement to go to the concert.

She looked up at her front door. She knew that she would be in a heap of trouble with her parents, and hoped that the punishment wouldn't be too severe this time. She opened the door to her angry and shouting mother.

"WHAT ON EARTH WERE YOU THINKING??" Her mother shouted

"I....." Mai-Leigh


"Calm down dear..." Mai-Leigh's dad try to calm his wife

"DON'T TELL ME TO CALM DOWN DEAR!" Her mother then realised how loud she was shouting, and started to breath slowly to calm down, "You are grounded!"

"But mum!" Mai-Leigh exclaimed

"NO buts! And for 2 months!"

"2 months?!? But mum...." Mai-Leigh sighed, realising when the One Direction concert was, 1 month and a half away.

"I won't hear anymore, now get to bed!" Her mother sighed.


Mai-Leigh sighed and ran to her room, slamming the door behind her. How was she ever going to explain to her friends that she was now banned from going to the concert of a band they adored?? Could she explain to her mother the importance of this concert? Would she even listen?? For now, Mai-Leigh tried to calm down and get some sleep, she would try and sort this mess out in the morning.

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