The one


1. The one

You are the only one that makes me dream while I am awake, Also you've stood by me when I've felt any kind of heartache. Your presence in my world makes me feel as if there's no task I cannot undertake, and you've respected that I am just a person that can also make a mistake. Every part of me is available for you to take, and parts of me I had to change you've helped me recreate. To have met & known you the way I have I believe it was fate, to walk away from you now has become an action I cannot dictate. You grew from being my friend to someone I admire & now my one and only candidate, You read my mind when you called me your only soul mate. You are in my thoughts daily and I do not have the ability to deactivate, You are now the best part of my inspired my mind-state. We don't only just talk compatibly but even when we silent we communicate. We don't just laugh happily but we smile which makes our soul illuminate. I'll always be grateful for letting me in your heart & passed its formidable gate, And from what I've seen it's a heart no other person can ever imitate. Written by Ali AJ Jemal ©

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