Love Triangle

If you love one direction like me (: then i suggest you read my story about a girl called Layla and Harry Styles they have been dating for a while now but what happens when they come off tour? Layla moves? And Layla and Harry need her both at hard times? Will her and Harry be able to carry on? read to find out more (: will try and update asap (:


9. The little mermaid:


I got up to go and tried to put the film on but Harry grabbed me round the waist and pulled me onto his lap. 

"Hey, I need to put the film on" I kissed his cheek and tried to get up again but he pulled me back onto his lap.


"Id much rather watch you" He winked and kissed me on the lips, I felt a bit bad as Liam was on the sofa opposite.  He started tickling me and I couldn't stop screaming, he had me in his tight grip but it wasn't hurtful tight.

"Harry stop" I said laughing uncontrollably. I quickly slid out of his grasp and tried to run the the bedroom, but he quickly caught up and span we around to face him, my back up against the door.

"I love you so much Layla, you don't even know it"

"I love you so much to Harry" We stood there kissing and then pulled away and watched the little mermaid.


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