Love Triangle

If you love one direction like me (: then i suggest you read my story about a girl called Layla and Harry Styles they have been dating for a while now but what happens when they come off tour? Layla moves? And Layla and Harry need her both at hard times? Will her and Harry be able to carry on? read to find out more (: will try and update asap (:


7. The date:


I hopped in the taxi I ordered (as I cant yet drive:( sucks I know) and hopped in. It was around 12 and I was meeting her at 12:30, the journey was about 25minutes. When I had arrived I was 5minutes early, I decided to walk around a bit and see what shops they had, we were going out for lunch but I didn't know where yet as I was walking around I saw and nandos and knew we would have to go there as its my favourite and im sure she liked it as well:) By the time I found nandos it was 12:30 on the dot I quickly walked back to the millies cookies stand and saw her waiting there, her long hair tied back into a high ponytail, she was looking at her phone, she was so beautiful her eyes where such a dark brown the kind you could just melt into:).

I walked up to her and tapped her on the sholder.

"Hello" I felt so nervous she was way out of my league.

"Hey, thought you weren't going to show up for minute" she looked nervous herself which mad me feel better.

"I wouldn't dare miss the opportunity to go on a date with a girl like you" I smiled and she smiled back her big smile.

"Haha im just plain old Lucy nothing special, so did you have a place in mind were we could go out for lunch?"

"I have a place in mind" I winked and took her hand, even though we weren't dating it felt right, I knew she was surprised but she didn't take her hand away, I haven't dated many girls I wont go into the reasons why but with Lucy it felt like I had known her years.

As we walked over to nandos we talked about many different things and the confiscation was flowing really nicely I was so happy.

---2hours later----

I walked Lucy back to her taxi (she couldn't drive either).

"I really loved today, I would love to take you out again? Dinner maybe?"

"I would really love that to"

I we both lent it and kissed as we both pulled away I couldn't help but smile and she smiled back to.

"Bye, il text you to talk about our next date"

"Il look forward to it"

I waved goodbye as she drove away, I climbed into my taxi and went back home.


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