Love Triangle

If you love one direction like me (: then i suggest you read my story about a girl called Layla and Harry Styles they have been dating for a while now but what happens when they come off tour? Layla moves? And Layla and Harry need her both at hard times? Will her and Harry be able to carry on? read to find out more (: will try and update asap (:


10. Out for Dinner:


The little mermaid had just finished and it was now 6 so we had a whole hour to get ready to go out for dinner, me and Layla hadn't been out for dinner on our own in a long time and I was excited to go out again.

"Its 6 now we should probably get ready" Layla was lying on my shoulder peacefully.

"Yeah your right" as she got up I pulled her back down.

"Aren't you forgetting something?"

I kissed her and she walked off into the bedroom, I would go in late as I didn't need a whole hour like girls do.  As I was sitting there it was only me, Liam was in the kitchen making himself dinner, Zayn was at Perri's and Niall was in his room, I could hear music from mine and Layla room blasting out the speakers, I decided to look on twitter for a bit and went through my mentions and checked fb.

When we were both ready Layla came out in a stunning white dress mid thigh hight with her beautiful brown hair in beachy styled waves.

"You looking amazing!"

"Thank you"  And with that we left the house.

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