Love Triangle

If you love one direction like me (: then i suggest you read my story about a girl called Layla and Harry Styles they have been dating for a while now but what happens when they come off tour? Layla moves? And Layla and Harry need her both at hard times? Will her and Harry be able to carry on? read to find out more (: will try and update asap (:


1. Morning Beautiful:


I woke up and had my arms around Layla, the way her hair fell so perfectly and it was just the right light brown colour, her eyes where beautiful aswell she was just to good to be true im so lucky to have her, I tell her everyday but she doesnt believe me.  She dosnt understand how much I love and need her.  I dont want to wake her but shes lying on my arm.  I decide to watch her as I could do this for hours. 

She suddenly starts moving at first just her hand twitchs and I think shes just having a dream but then she starts to strech and wip her eyes.  She opens up her beautiful crystal clear blue eyes I could look at them for years there like the colour of a waterful when the sun hits it and it sparkles. 

"Morning Beautiful"I kissed her on the cheak and she smiled and I smiled back.

"*yawn* Morning, how long have you been awake?" She smiled at me with her beautiful smile of hers I really do love her. We have been dating for 3 months now and she lives with me and the boys. 

"About 20 mins"

"what? really? have you just been looking at me the whole time?"She looked worried but I didnt know why.

"Yes"I said smiling as I kissed her cheak again.

"Ah no I look so bad in the mornings"she said covering her face.

I pulled her hands away from her face and kissed her soft pale pink lips.

"You looked stunning, as always"I whispered into her ear. 


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