Love Triangle

If you love one direction like me (: then i suggest you read my story about a girl called Layla and Harry Styles they have been dating for a while now but what happens when they come off tour? Layla moves? And Layla and Harry need her both at hard times? Will her and Harry be able to carry on? read to find out more (: will try and update asap (:


4. Feelings:


I decided to go downstairs and see everyone and Harry I hoped things would be okay between us after everything. Fingers crossed, well here goes nothing.  I walked into the living room, Zayne and Niall where sitting on one looking on there phone room what it looked like scrowling through there facebook news feed, on the other sofa lay Layla and Harry cuddling, Layla was asleep while harry played with her hair.  Why did I have to fall in love with her out of all people and kiss her, why wont these feelings go?  It should be me playing with her hair and cuddling her, no Liam what are you thinking stop it! 

"Hey Liam vas happening?" Zayne called over, I suddenly heard Zayne call my name distracting my thought about Layla.

"Zayne"I called back and jumped onto the empty sofa, I didnt want to see Harry and Layla so I decided to look through my phone.  Wow I reallly hadnt been on twitter in a while.  So many messages from fans, this was normal but I was still shocked.  I loved our fans they where always so nice and always gave us good reports on our tours and gigs. 

I do admit we do get some hate and it did upset us but we have to just ignore it.


"Right boys im going out dont bother cooking for me i'm eating out"Niall called to us from the kitchen.

"Going on a date Niall?"Zayne called laughing.

"Maybe"I said winking to him as I went past, I grabbed my phone and wallet and walked out.  Me and Lucy had been talking now for about 2 weeks but only met once, we were crazy about each other but we didnt know enough to be dating just yet.  She had long straight black hair down to her elbows or just above.  She was so beautiful and I always got lost for words when speaking to her, I only told Zayne about her but I think the others might have gotten the idea there was someone new in my life. 

Me and Lucy met at a dvd store when I went there where only druggys as it sold films in the cinema on dvd there for cheap.  It was behind a dirt track behind tree's.  But then when I saw her there I knew I couldnt let her walk out those doors and leave my life just like that.  So I got her number and since then we havent stopped talking.  I was so nervous and excited to see her, she worked at Millies cookies down the road thats where I was meeting her.


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