Vamps=A one direction story

Vamps are not real, or so the biggest directioner ever thinks.


7. What happened

3 days later
Keton is really sweet and Louis keeps being mean to him.
Me: let's go to the club, I'm bored (Beatrice and the three boys live here)
we all got up and got ready, I just need to get something to drink. Me n Louis went to the bartender and ordered shots, she kept flirting with Lou and he was flirting back.
Me: Lou!
He kept flirting with her. I was getting really mad, we took our shots and I tried to lead him away but he wouldent buge. I knew I wasent pretty, I just knew it. I literally burst in to tears. I told I saw a where wolf, but that dident get his attention. I just gave up and I walked away and I saw them leave somewhere together, but the thing was he dident take his shots. I followed behind keeping my distance and they locked them selfsame in the bathroom together. Now I had it, I ran outta the bar and just ran, to where I don't know just kept running and running I heard someone behind me and I got freaked out and I used vamp speed but right then I tripped. I looked at who it was and I saw keton. He bent down too help me up and engulfed me into a huge hug. I couldn't hold back the tears any more and I bawled into his shoulder, just letting it all out.
Keton: shhh. It's okay...tell me what happened.
Keton: it's okay...I'm here's okay.
He lifted me up and vamp sped home. He took me to his room and laid me down beside him and kissed me on tha lips. I can't lie I felt sparks, lots of them.
-------- a/n
what should happen to Lou and crystal?
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