Vamps=A one direction story

Vamps are not real, or so the biggest directioner ever thinks.


3. Oh. O

Louis' p.o.v.

Omg she better not turn, that would be bad for her... It's been three days and her pulse went slower each day, it is now the forth pulse. Shit.......I went up to her room too check on her. She was sleeping. I went and kissed her and whispered I love you, my little vamp. I was just leaving when I heard " i love you too" I turned around to see her pale body standing. "I'm hungery" Shit. Crystals p.o.v The blackness faded and I was really hungry. I heard lous voice say I love you so I said it back of course. I couldn't really stand. Louis turned around and tackled me on the bed ith multiple kisses. I never wanted this o end. He had me close in his arms and held me tight. " babe i thought I would never see you again. Are you okay?" " I love you. And I hurt.EVERYWHERE. And I'm VERY thirsty." he lifted me up and carried me down stairs. Suddenly I was surroundend 4 other people. I dident feel safe around Harry tho. "I'm thirsty" I said shyly to Louis. " why is everyone looking at me" He put me down and grabbed my hand and lead me to another room. "crystal, when harry bit you....he turned you into a... Vampire. I can't smell your blood no more." " oh...." I felt like crying, right then and there. Any hope I DID have of sneaking away to my family was truly gone. "hey, don't think like that. I love you and we are your new family." he kissed me simply but passionately. "Let's get you something to drink yea?"

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