Vamps=A one direction story

Vamps are not real, or so the biggest directioner ever thinks.


4. New people

lou took me to the kitchen and me water and blood. " why are you all watching? Jeez, I'm not Edward Cullen" they all burst out laughing but kept watching, so I got up to lous bed room and shut the door. Am I drank the blood, it tast surprizingly good.Louis came up too see me. He lay down beside me and held me tight in his arms,he looked down at me and kissed my hari. "we are having some people over to day. They are on the x-factor." hmmmm people, eh " no we aren't going to drink them, they are vamps too." we fell asleep talking to each other in our minds
I was getting ready too see who were coming so I put my snap-back hat on it had the supra sign on it, I wore a drop dead hoodie and half black half checker skinnies and dyed my hair red and black again. And went down stairs. Only too see...... Emblem three and my fav beatrece miller.
They dident notice me until I went to get blood and came back. Then they all watched me AGAIN, I rolled my eyes and went back into the kitchen. Some boddy came and followed me. I turn around to see everyone watching me still so I went out side to take a walk and I turned araond to see a man stairing at me. I got scared, cause he walked up to me and said "look what we have here a vampire. Well I'm giving you ten sec coned to run till I wolf up and eat you up." idident know how to use vamp speed yet. I heard someone say foucas really hard on were you want to go and run too it. I staired really hard and ran increatidly fast but I don't know where I am now. I heard some one say camping in the canadiean roc keys. And walk to my direction ifoucased on a tree branch and jumped up too it. They walked by and were gone. I suddenly elt my phone ring I checked it and it was Louis sang where are you. I replyed 'I dont know, but it's really cold and it's snowing'
Louis p.o.v.
"she said she was some where cold and snowy " "the Rockies in Canada" Beatrice quickly shot back. "okay im off anyone care to join me" "sure" I looked at emblem three and nodded
Crystals p.o.v.
In really hungry so I thought I might go suck someone's blood but not enough too kill them. I found this two guys and I was lurking about to suck ones blood when I felt a hand on my shoulder and someone covered my mouth. I turned around to see the three boys of emblem three and Louis. "I wouldn't do that if I were you" Wesley said I slowly nodded and they let me go. Louis took my hand and hugged me. We were about to run home when we saw something completely horrifying, something that...
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