Vamps=A one direction story

Vamps are not real, or so the biggest directioner ever thinks.


2. Kidnapped

   As i was running I tripped over something. I heard laughing so I flipped around only too the boys peering at my neck.

  "What did you see?!" they roared. " Nothing. Y'all just scared me" "don't give us that crap, we know you saw."  Shit... "Well if ya' look at the time, gotta go!" I said looking at my wrist with no watch on it, trying too get up. Bam! I was slammed to the ground in a flash. 

  "I don't think so," Zayn said while laughing. "What are you?" I asked nervously. " I believe they call us...vampires and our last snack was... Sour" Harry whispered the last part..." Okay...just let it end" they took me back too there dressing room when I heard Louis say dibs on first bite. I  closed me eyes, expecting the worst " Don't fence up love, it will hurt more"

   I slowly relaxed just staring at the wall on the other side of the room. He started kissing my neck making his way down, drawing my blood . Then every thing went black


   I woke up in grey sweats and my shirt from before. I slowly got up, remembering what happened. I was a little scared when suddenly Louis burst through the door "Ello love, sleep well?" I just sat there not thinking or doing any thing, just staring in to space. " to me" I just looked at him completely frozen. He picked me up and carried me down stairs "Boys, she's not talking and I can't read her mind" I noticed Harry wasn't there

  "Where's Harry?" I asked. They all looked at me and Louis finally spoke up "He kinda went on a blood rush and killed a bunch of innocent girls then picked up your scent and tried to drink you,so we had to lock him up in the basement." I just looked at the ground not sure what to say. " Can I go home?" The boys just looked at Louis telling him to say something but he never spoke up.

  " cant.....We can't reuse you and...They...Think your dead" as soon as I heard that I snapped in to reality, started crying, and bolted in to the room I was in before. I locked the door and cried into the pillow. The boys all came an upstairs and kept trying to get me to come out. I just stayed there when Louis broke down the door and put it in lock again. He walked over, picked me up, put me on his lap and hushed me.

   "Why...I...I was but to go see my brother a...a...and si..sisters....Why?" I said while cuddling in to his chest.  " I'm so sorry." he said while I continued crying, rocked back and forth. "It'll be okay I promise, I'm here for you" he said I looked up at him and he bit his lip.Then he slowly leant in end kissed me. "Crystal..will you be my girlfriend?" "Yes"


   I was all alone because the boys went to go get groceries, so I was watching teen wolf, amazed by the boys hotness when I heard a voice in side my head 'Turn around' I slowly looked behind me and saw Harry grinning at me. "Shit" I said as I got up backing away, but it was no use, he used his supernatural  speed and was right in front of me,  pinned me to the wall and kissed me making his way down my neck to my neck and he bit me, I wended in pain when Louis burst through the door and pulled Harry off. It was weird when he bit me cause I didn't feel weaker...I felt... stronger? Then BAM! I passed out do to pain.

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