Vamps=A one direction story

Vamps are not real, or so the biggest directioner ever thinks.


6. Keton vs Louis

When bea and I got home we heard fighting we looked at each other and wesley and drew came "what the he'll is going on" I asked worried "keton and Louis are fighting" drew answered "over what" bea sighed "umm....." well?" fightingovercrystal" great....juuuust great..... "okay well I'm out till they stop, anyone care to join me?" "sure they all said in unison.
Me:soooo what's new?
They all just shrugged.
Wesley: let's play vamp hide 'n' go seek!
Me:1,2,3, NOT IT!!
The two boys: not it!
bea: 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10
She kept counting
Me:drew where can I hide I whispered
Drew:anywhere in the city
I bolted and hid in the big Ben and yes we are in London. I hid in the clock part of it and with in matter of seconds be a was there
Bea: Louis and keton want to talk to you.
Me:joy..... She laughed and we went back to the house. Sure enough there was Louis and keton.
I shyly waved and looked down I went up to the room and waited.and Louis showed and snuggled me close in his arms
Me: I love you louis. YOU and YOU only. Now why were you fighting with keton?
Louis: I don't know it was stupid but we sorted it out.
Me: good.
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