Vamps=A one direction story

Vamps are not real, or so the biggest directioner ever thinks.


1. In going to a concert

 I'm the biggest directioner ever so when my mom recently bought me concert tickets, I was soooo excited to go I couldn't wait! So anyway,I was in my room preparing for seeing the sex gods. I went with purple cheeta print supras, a black off the shoulder drop dead shirt, and my neon blue skinnies. I curled my red and black hair. As for accessories I went with a BVB pentacharm necklace and tons of bracelets, and I was off. I said  bye to my mom and was gone.


  Wow! The concert was just simply amazing! I looked at Louis and he smiled at me! Now I am like the last one in line out of 10 girls at the meet 'n' greet. Finally it was my turn. First was Niall. " Why hello Niall how art thou,"I said gracefully "Hello love, I am mighty fine how about you?" " I'm fantastic." " What's your name?" "Crystal."

   I passed through all of the other guys and made my way too Louis " Umm...Hi.. I'm Crystal" "Why hello love what a beautiful name, almost as beautiful as the one who posses it." Damn...he made me blush. I looked down to hide it.

"Thanks" he gave me a hug and I left. I had to stop to go to the bathroom before I went.

  I was just looking at my self in the mirror and I heard some screams.  I got curious, so I went to the back ally way only to find the five sex gods with blood on their face coming in side They all looked my in the eye and slyly smiled at me. I slowly backed away and turned around and bolted. Since I was on the track team I was really fast. But no fast enough.

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