Vamps=A one direction story

Vamps are not real, or so the biggest directioner ever thinks.


9. Come back

i ran to my winter home in Russia, you see I have 5 winter homes and my parents use this one the least. So I was good here for a while. I just can't go back, I got to admit I do miss the boys, a lot but I just can't go back, not for awhile. They might Evan find me first, I mean they DO have my sent, and as for blood......animals....people? I know Beatrice will be here soon because she is the best at finding me I just sighed and shook it off. I jumped the fence and went up to my old room
I often think, did Louis really while there memories of me? Or just when they last saw me, because in in all of the family pictures. What ever I just went up to my old room that I stayed in when we came here. It still had some of my stuff in here.I would cry but, all of my tear are gone...
I fell asleep thinking of my parents.
I gradually woke up. And made myself breakfast and thought about what to do today. Maybe I'll get out my snowboard and hit the slopes.
After that fun experience on the slopes I went home to go sin and watch movies when two big men stopped me had a gun to my head, next think I know everything is black.

Beatrice p.o.v.
She was gone, she actually left. I bet she thought she would be safe and we wouldn't find her, I have her sent, but the wolfs could get her too. She has been gone for three days but we did find where she was at thanks to her send, but we also know the wolfs have taken her also because of their sent. All we know know is she could be dead and we could die to if we enter where they have her. But it is a chance I'm willing to take.
Evan if I have to do it alone.
Crystals p.o.v.
It has been two days since these people took me, I learned that they are wolfs and that I'm about to die if I don't get blood soon. OMYGOD MY PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I pulled it out and called keton
Keton: hello?
Me: keton? Hello? It's me! They have me atman old abandon house just know that if I die, I love you and Louis
I quickly hung up and called my most loved people.... It rung and rung and rung
Harry: hello?
Me: uncle Harry? Do you remember me?
Harry: crystal? Where are you?
Me: I don't know does dad remember me.
Harry: no..he doesnt.....
Me: okay...well I have to go now I love you....
I quickly hung up just as I heard a huge crash and people screaming...everything went black...
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