Two best Friends

Two besties doing everything together they fangirl over One Direction. LIKE EVERYDAY. No cussing in this story for everyone can read it!!!! all in this fanfic is true but i thought all of us DIRECTIONERS would LOVE to know


1. Since The Beginning

Paige's P.O.V

"Paige hurry up!!" Yelled Samantha

"Shut your butt up i'm coming."I yelled back."Where we going today?" i said

"Umm you'll see." said Samantha.

Must be a cool place me and Samantha love almost the same things. We both love One Direction. Samantha and I are like the BIGGEST Directioners in our school. Sure maybe some other girls LIKE them too but no they do not fangirl the right way.

"WE'RE HERE WE'RE HERE!" yelled Samantha which ruined my thoughts.

"Samantha this is Chucky Cheeses what in the word are we doing here?" i said 

"We're gonna crash a kids casino DUH" Samantha said.

We walk in and we see little kids everywhere.Like this could be a kid army like no kidding.

"WHAT YOU THINKING ABOUT PAIGIE POO" Samantha yelled in my ear gosh she needs to learn how to talk lower.

"Um nothing" i said she just shrugged.


After we scared like 5 little kids we got thrown out. So Samantha droves me back to my house.

"BYE PAIGE TELL YOUR MOM I SAID HAY"yelled Samantha even though i was a foot away from her.

"Sure... Hay come back tomorrow i'm going to take you somewhere tomorrow i had fun today Samantha."i said 

"Okay, sure yeah why no im so into it." said Samantha 

"Bye Sweet Dreams don't kiss the Harry Styles Poster in your room"I said.

"Bye Paigie and don't kiss your Zayn Malik Poster in your room." Samantha said back.

Hope you liked it.It's my new one i will update more!!! I PROMISE STAY TUNED 

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