Two best Friends

Two besties doing everything together they fangirl over One Direction. LIKE EVERYDAY. No cussing in this story for everyone can read it!!!! all in this fanfic is true but i thought all of us DIRECTIONERS would LOVE to know


3. Chapter 2

Samantha's P.O.V

I woke up thinking about what to do today. I really didn't wanna do anything so i just called Paige to come over.


Paige's P.O.V

" I'M HERE" i said kinda singing as i entered Samantha's house.

" I can see that.... now" she said."Wanna watch Jenna Marbles or NigaHiga on youtube cause we have nothing better to do?" she added.

" i don't know? Jenna?" i asked

" suuuuure" she said slowly

I feel asleep on the 9th video.Jenna is pretty funny but kinda weird.i woke up like 50 min later and turned the tv on.

It was soo loud i was about to turn it down but then i heard to simple words that can make me crazy "ONE DIRECTION". i sat down and woke Samantha up and watched the tv. It said.

Are you a Directioner? Then don't miss your chance to meet the boys of One Direction. call this number ( can't show it). we called it and we got back stage passes and we were jumping like crazy and hoping around and singing and so much.


Okay from this point on in the story is not true. Yes this story will keep being dirty free and cuss words free. You can read it well everybody can. sorry it was short just a lot with christmas and stuff i think everyone on here is busy with christmas well bye i'll try my best to update

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