Our Misadventure

One Direction has announced a concert in California!

Three friends decide to do a road trip to go to see their favourite band, who knows what they may stumble on along the way....


9. 8. Day 5: Mishap and Mayhem – South Dakota

Their alarms rang and the girls quickly got changed, ready for the day ahead. They walked over to a diner across the road from the motel to discuss their plan for the day.


“So…we’ll go along this road and we’ll be in South Dakota in no time!” Dani smiled, pointing at a road on the map.


“This is awesome you guys!” Ami grinned, looking at the fan-site on her phone, “You guys have done so much already!!”


A waitress then appeared at the side of their table and Donna ordered the usual of pancakes and coffee for everyone.


“So where do you think will be a safe enough place to meet up with the guys so I can go with them again?” Ami asked, as their order came to the table.


“There’s lots of National Parks in South Dakota…lots of open spaces” Betti said looking at her phone, “I’m not quite sure yet, give me a minute to figure everything out!”


Mai-Leigh started to drink her coffee, when a realisation came into her head.


“Ami…how did you get to Iowa?” She asked


All the girls lifted their heads up to Mai-Leigh, unsure of where this was going.


“By plane with the guys…why?” Ami returned the question


“And how did they get to South Dakota?” Mai-Leigh got curious.


“They got there by car…they sorta got inspired by you guys and wanted to do a road trip to their gig” Ami smiled


“I see...” Mai-Leigh sighed


The girls looked at Mai-Leigh expectantly.


“Think about it!” Mai-Leigh continued, “How is Ami going to go with the guys if they’re going by car now? There’s 5 of them….there’ll be no more room in the car!!! Just like ours now…it’s a 5-seater...Ami would make them have 6 in their party!”


Ami slumped in her chair at the realisation. It was true…even if she managed to find the guys today…she wouldn’t be able to fit in their car. This was a disaster!


“Well then I guess Ami will just have to stay with us for the rest of the road trip!” Donna sighed and smiled, “I know it’s not exactly ideal for you Ami, and you’ll want to see Zayn, but will you stay with us?”


Ami sighed, knowing that this was her only option of getting to the concert on time, but she was glad that it was at least with these girls. Zayn seems to like them, so they couldn’t be too bad.


“Ok…” Ami smiled, “But if I’m coming I want to thoroughly enjoy this experience! So no nature parks for me! Sorry Bee!”


“That’s ok…” Betti laughed, “I’m not that big on Nature parks either…although there is Mount Rushmore in South Dakota!”


“That sounds alright…” Ami smiled


“After what happened in Illinois, I don’t think it’s safe for Mai to go near any presidents for a while!” Donna laughed along with the other girls.


“That’s not fair guys! That happened 2 days ago! And it’s still not funny!” Mai sighed and sulked.


“I have to admit, it looked pretty funny on the blog when I read it!” Ami tried to hold in her laughter.


“Fine, fine, fine! How about we go to the Big Thunder Gold Mine today then? It’s got a museum and a few little shops around there, I’m sure the boys wouldn’t mind a little educational tour as a break!” Betti decided


“As long as there’s food those guys will be happy! Especially Niall! Alright, let me text them!” Ami laughed, using her phone.


Betti blushed at this a little, knowing Niall’s giant love for food.


Ami sent a text to Zayn:

Meet us @ Big Thunder Gold Mine in S.D! Miss u bbe xxx


And quickly got a reply:

Miss u 2 doll. C u there! :* xxx


Ami blushed reading Zayn’s reply, she was so glad to be his girlfriend but he did love to embarrass her with things like PDA, even though he knew she was shy about it.


“Right! Zayn said they’re gonna meet us there so let’s get going!” Ami grinned finishing her breakfast and getting up.


The other girls blushed, thinking about the fact that they’d soon meet their idols, all because they’d left Zayn’s girlfriend behind! They quickly got to the car and headed onto the road. Dani was driving, Ami in the front with her, with the rest in the back. It seemed like an awkward silence for the first part of their journey, mostly because the girls, except for Ami, were nervous about what would happen throughout the rest of the day.


Ami sighed and decided to link the radio up to her iPod and blast out a new One Direction tune. This seemed to work like a charm and the other girls started to relax and sing along, dancing in their seats.


It didn’t take too long before the girls had reached their destination.


“Time for a photo!” Betti demanded and the girls posed.


Betti quickly uploaded the photo to the website and Ami soon received a text from Zayn:

Can’t believe u took a pic without us :’( looks like ur havin fun ;) don’t worry we’ll b there soon doll lotsa traffic! :* xxx


“The guys will be here soon!” Ami laughed, still reading the text, “Zayn’s jealous he couldn’t be in the photo with us”


The girls smiled.


“Well maybe we should have a group photo when they get here!” Dani chuckled, blushing a little.


“How can you be so calm when THEY will be here soon?” Betti nervously asked.


Mai-Leigh started to panic a little, which Donna noticed.


“I’m gonna go to the gift shop while we wait for them!” Donna smiled, linking arms with Mai-Leigh


“Why?” Dani asked


“Well you never know…we might not get time to go if we’re hanging with the guys!” Donna sighed, “Mai’s coming with me!”


She then started walking off, dragging Mai-Leigh with her.


“I guess I’ll go and get the tickets for the museum!” Betti smiled, walking off in a different direction, “You guys wait here!”


And they did. Ami and Dani kept looking at each other, unsure of what to do next, when all of a sudden Zayn crept up behind Ami and hugged her. Ami squealed a little, not knowing who her attacker was, seeing that it was Zayn she got out of the hug and punched him in the arm.


“Ow…what was that for doll?” Zayn rubbed his arm, pretending that the punch had hurt him.


“THAT is for sneaking up on me and leaving me behind! And THIS…” Ami kissed him on the cheek, “…is for coming back to see me.”


Ami and Zayn were about to go into all-out-couple-mode, when the sound of Dani fake coughing interrupted them.


“Ahhh right…ummm Zayn you remember Dani right?” Ami blushed, completely forgetting that they weren’t alone.


“Yeah…hey” Zayn smiled.


“HEY DEE!!!!” A voice came from across the road, walking towards them. It was Liam with the rest of One Direction behind him.


“You took your time!” Zayn laughed, and Ami could see that Dani was blushing.


“H…Hi L-L-Liam” Dani managed to blurt out. She took a deep breath and tried to remember that they were just regular, but still totally hot people.


The band had finally caught up to them. They were still looking as amazing as ever, even in casual clothes.


“Where’s the other girls?” Liam asked Dani. Dani looked up and realised that all the girls had left them there waiting for the boys.


“Bee went to get the tickets for the museum, and Donna dragged Mai off to the gift shop!” Ami answered


“Hey Ami! Didn’t see you there!” Harry laughed, “Did you enjoy last night?” He winked.


“Yeah it was great!” Ami smiled, “Although it would’ve been better if I hadn’t been LEFT BEHIND!” She frowned.


The boys started to laugh.


“But you enjoyed it really! And you got here safe, which is all that matters!” Niall chuckled


“Mmmm….good job I found the girls then eh?” Ami frowned at the boys.


“Speaking of which…let’s go find them at the entrance…I’m sure they’ll be there by now” Dani smiled walking off with Liam towards the entrance, where the found the rest of their gang.



Mai-Leigh and Donna were the first to notice the boys coming towards them. Mai-Leigh blushed as usual and Donna stared with her mouth open, dropping her bag in the process. Betti then turned to see what was happening and threw the tickets up in the air in shock, putting her hands over her mouth to stop her from squealing with joy.


“Hey girls! Guess who we found?” Dani smiled


“Hey Niall!” Betti grinned, picking up the tickets that were now on the floor.


“Hi! Let me help you Bee” Niall knelt to the floor and he and Betti instantly bumped heads.


“Ermm thanks” Betti smiled and rubbed her head a little. Everyone was trying to stifle a giggle at this point, to which Niall gave them a disappointing look.


“Sorry about that…” Niall blushed


“It’s ok, it was an accident” Betti smiled, blushing a little.


Donna started jumping up and down in excitement towards Harry.


“Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my GOSH!!! I can’t believe I’m standing right next to HARRY STYLES!!!!” Donna had a big smile


“Well actually Donna…you’re jumping right next to me…” Harry chuckled


“He knows my NAMEEEEEE!!!!” Donna squealed


“Well they have been reading the blog, remember?” Ami sighed and smiled.


Louis walked up to Mai-Leigh and she blushed and looked to the floor.


“Hi Mai…” Louis smiled at her. Mai-Leigh looked up to him and became really shy, so all she could do was mouth the word ‘hi’ in return.


“Everything ok?” Louis asked her, again, her shyness got the better of her and all she could do was nod and look back to the floor, fidgeting a little.


“Cat got your tongue?” Harry shouted towards Mai-Leigh, the other boys, except for Louis, chuckled.


“Cut it out guys! She’s just really shy! Harry that was really rude of you!” Louis scolded them.


“Fine…I’m sorry!” Harry walked up to Mai-Leigh and messed up her hair.


“Let’s get a group photo for the blog!” Betti suggested and the group did as they were told, and then Betti put it on the fan-site.


“We should probably get into the museum before anyone spots us!” Liam smiled


“Yeah….wouldn’t want any crazy fans to attack now would we?” Dani laughed and winked at Liam, she couldn’t believe she just did that but she was going with the flow.



The group got to the entrance and handed the tickets in to the tour guide. The tour was indeed very interesting. They got to go underground and look at minerals and how the people of South Dakota used to mine.


“This is amazing guys! Look at these huge rocks!” Liam got excited


“Mmmmm rock…” Niall sighed


“Seriously dude, you’re hungry again after you’ve JUST eaten?” Liam frowned at Niall


“Where does he put it all?” Betti joked, as Niall blushed


“It’s not like last night though! THAT was epic!” Donna smiled


“Yeah the party was ace! Ami got asked to dance loadsa times!” Dani giggled.


“You did?” Zayn said through gritted teeth, and held on to Ami’s hand through jealousy.


“Not THAT many times…we were dressed up!” Ami blushed


“So you did enjoy yourself then?” Harry chuckled, “You even partied without us?”


“Yes, because a good party can’t be great without Harry Styles there!” Ami said sarcastically.


“Exactly!” Harry winked, and then turned to Donna, “Are you enjoying yourself there babe?”


“Yeah…it’s just a little dark that’s all…” Donna grabbed on to what she thought was Harry’s shoulder, but was Liam’s, “Oh…sorry Liam” she blushed.


“It’s ok Donna” Liam smiled, “Watch your step, it’s a little slippery!”


Donna looked down to make sure her grip was on the floor properly.


“If I remember rightly, isn’t Mount Rushmore in this state? Why didn’t we go there?” Zayn asked Ami


“Well…” Ami started, “We thought that it’d be better here…because of what happened before…” She looked at the other girls.


“Oh…you mean about…” Niall started, and Mai-Leigh got angry.


“Seriously? Is that ALL anyone going to remember about this trip?!?!” Mai-Leigh shouted, “Years later, I can see it in my obituary: MAI-LEIGH…THE GIRL WHO BROKE ABRAHAM LINCOLN’S ARM!” She stormed off, blushing, to the front of the crowd for the tour.


“Nice one guys! Real nice!” Louis said as he walked off to try and catch up with Mai-Leigh.


Harry pulled off Liam to one side.


“Hey dude, I’ve got an idea!” Harry whispered


“What?” Liam replied


“What are you two talking about?” Niall came in to listen to the conversation, looking around and seeing the remaining girls with Zayn, looking at the rocks.


“Harry says he’s got an idea” Liam explained


“Oh, that can’t be good!” Niall sighed


“Well you know how Ami can’t come with us because there’s not enough room?” Harry asked.


“I clearly remember Zayn sulking about that this morning, yes. What about it?” Liam sighed


“Well what if we do a swap?” Harry suggested


“A swap? You mean like Ami come with us and one of us go with the girls?” Niall asked, confused.


“No…why don’t we just swap Zayn for Ami? It’d be a laugh!” Harry chuckled


“But then they’ll moan and get all sulky that they won’t see each other…” Liam rubbed his temples


“I’d rather take a sulky Ami over a sulky Zayn any day!” Niall chuckled


“Exactly! Plus, that means we’ll have to meet up with the girls again to get Zayn back!” Harry winked, to hope that the boys understood, “Because if we just left things the way they were, we wouldn’t really need to see the girls again, plus Zayn would be moaning ALL the way…”


“You sir, are a genius!” Liam laughed


The three boys decided on their plan. Since they were stuck in this darkness till the end of the tour, they would grab Ami then and run to the car and drive off, leaving Zayn with the girls! No one would know what had hit them! It was perfect! They could ring later in the day when they were in another state, asking to see the girls again and this would be ideal. Even though they would try to grab Ami, they realised that in this dark, they could end up grabbing any one of the girls, so they decided that they would still go through with the plan, no matter whom they grabbed.



“And that ends the tour here…any questions?” The tour guide stated as Harry, Niall and Liam got ready. “No? Well thanks ladies and gents, hope you’ve enjoyed it, you can stay in here for a bit if you want, we’ll be just upstairs and you can find the car park across the road.” The tour guide walked towards a blinding light and the group huddled together.


“So…what happens now?” Donna asked


“Well I’ll have to come with you guys” Ami sighed, “If you’ll have me”


“But doll…” Zayn sulked, holding onto Ami’s wrist


“Of course we’ll have you!” Dani smiled, “You can come with us to the gig! You’ll have a blast! I guarantee it!”


Niall, Harry and Liam looked at each other with a knowing look, smiling.


“While I’m loving this little touching parting, we’ve got to get going!” Harry stated. Each of the girls felt a little pull on their wrist before Harry grabbed one of the girls and carried her over his shoulder, making sure all the guys except Zayn were following.


“Sorry about this Zayn!” Niall shouted back


“What the heck is going on?” Louis asked, being pulled along by Liam.


“It’s for your own good Zayn!” Liam shouted back


“Enjoy the lady’s company for a day Zayn! See you soon!” Harry laughed, seeing Zayn’s shocked look on his face. In an instant, they were gone.


“What on earth just happened?” Zayn asked, hesitant.




The boys and the mystery girl managed to get to the car safely. Liam drove, with Louis in the front, Harry and Niall sat on either side of the girl, but they hadn’t bothered to check who it was yet. They were still running on the adrenaline of what had just happened. They were a few miles down the road when Louis just started asking questions, all boys looking out of the car, still unaware of the kidnapped girl’s identity.


“So…what just happened?” Louis chuckled


“Harry thought it’d be a great idea to leave Zayn with the girls for a bit!” Niall explained, “You know how he mopes about when he’s not with Ami!” The boys all laughed


“So you decided to kidnap one of the girls to replace him?” Louis asked


“Yep! Great plan isn’t it?” Liam laughed, putting on the radio


“It didn’t really matter who we got, as long as we got…” Harry turned to see who the girl was beside him, “Oh hell! We got the one who doesn’t even talk!” Harry sighed and started rubbing his temples.


All the guys (apart from Liam because he’s driving) turn to look at the scared girl in the middle seat of their car. Poor Mai-Leigh was blushing like crazy, opening and closing her mouth as though wanting to say something, but couldn’t. Louis was rather concerned at this predicament, mostly because he knew how shy she was, plus he didn’t particularly like the thought of her being in between Niall and Harry for the journey.


“Are you alright Mai?” Louis asked


Mai-Leigh nodded to Louis and smiled, although she was rather scared, she was a little happy she was sat in a car with 4 of One Direction, especially Louis. She then turned to Harry, hoping that he would finish his previous sentence from before.


“It…It didn’t really matter…who we got, as long…as long as we got what?” Mai-Leigh managed to stutter out.


All the boys, apart from Liam, looked at Mai-Leigh rather stunned. This was the first time she’d actually spoken at all (excluding the previous shouting, of course). Louis thought it was cute, but was rather annoyed that the first time she spoke was to Harry rather than himself. He felt a pang of jealousy and it could be seen on his face.


Harry saw the look on Louis’ face, and it made him smile a little. To be fair, if they were in the same situation with Donna, he would be pretty annoyed too. But Harry being Harry, he wanted to milk this for all it was worth, see how far he could take it before Louis snapped. He put one arm around the back of her, trying to do it as not-so-subtly as possible, he could see Louis’ jaw clench and eyes narrow.


“As long as we got someone…beautiful. And I guess we’re in luck!” Harry winked at Mai-Leigh


Mai-Leigh started to blush slightly, not sure how to react to the situation that she was now in. Louis clenched his fists and turned back to face the front. Everybody was a little unsure of what to do as Liam took the exit for Wyoming, and drove to the nearest hotel.


Mai-Leigh ended up in a suite with the boys, but having a separate room to herself (Louis insisted) and she went to message the girls and Zayn.



The girls and Zayn started walking back to their car.


“Looks like they left you here with us!” Dani smiled, and sighed


“At least you get to spend time with your girlfriend” Betti giggled


“Now’s not the time to sulk!” Donna started, “We need to get to a motel!”


Donna started the car and the drove off.


“Do you have any idea where they could have gone?” Betti asked


“Not a clue, I just hope Mai-Leigh’s ok!” Ami answered


“She’ll be fine. Louis will look after her!” Zayn laughed


On the road, Donna came across two exits and decided for Nebraska. They quickly found a motel and got a room.


“Sorry this isn’t as fancy as you’re used to…” Donna sighed, rubbing her temples


“Not a problem, kinda like it in here!” Zayn smiled, heading for a shower.


Suddenly, Dani’s phone bleeped.


“It’s a message from Mai-Leigh!” Dani shrieked.


I’m ok. With the boys in Wyoming. Hope ur all ok xxxx


Dani quickly replied that they were all fine, but they were in Nebraska. Hopefully they’d be able to meet up again soon to sort out this mess.


During this, Betti updated the blog;

A few mishaps today, had a great day with the boys.

Zayn with us, Mai-Leigh with the boys.

Back together once again soon.

Bee xxx


They all finally managed to get some sleep, not worrying much about when they would see their friend again.

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