Our Misadventure

One Direction has announced a concert in California!

Three friends decide to do a road trip to go to see their favourite band, who knows what they may stumble on along the way....


8. 7. Day 4: Taking a wrong turn - Iowa

After getting up a little later than usual, the girls quickly got changed and headed to the nearest diner to make sure of the day’s proceedings.


“Right…so it’s Oklahoma today!” Dani said, drinking her coffee, “You got the map Donna? We need to get this part right!”


“Got it right here!” Donna smiled, waving the map


“Why do we need to make sure of things everyday? Everything goes right anyway…” Betti sighed, looking at her phone.


“Well…we need to, especially today! There’s two turnings off the main road…one to Oklahoma…” Mai-Leigh explained


“And the other to Iowa, and we don’t want to go there because it’ll be out of our way!” Dani interrupted.


“We’ve got loads of time anyway! But just to be sure.” Donna added.


“Fine, but I’m not going to tell you what we’re going to do today until we get off of the turning…in case we end up on the wrong one and I planned everything for nothing!” Betti smiled.


“Nothing’s going to happen! We’re going to Oklahoma!” Donna smiled


“Yeah…but you don’t know how Dani’s plans can often take a turn in the WRONG DIRECTION…..get it??? WRONG direction in stead of….oh never mind” Betti giggled.


With everything sorted, the girls made their way to the car and left the diner car park. After a few minutes on the road, Mai-Leigh and Donna were in the back, checking the map and Betti was blasting some vintage tunes on the radio.


Then came the part of the road where they would make the decision of which turning they needed.


“So which one guys?” Dani shouted to the back of the car.


“Ummmm…..” Mai-Leigh murmered.


“Can’t hear you guys! You’ll have to speak up!” Dani shouted again, whilst Betti was singing along to the song on the radio.


“Ummmm….take the first one….no the second one….arghhhh! I can’t read this thing!” Donna gasped as the wind blew the map up to cover her face


“Which one?!?!” Dani exclaimed


After a few seconds of fighting against the wind, Mai-Leigh managed to get the map off of Donna’s face when…




So Dani did. And once off of the first exit, Donna realised that she was looking at the map upside-down, so it looked like the Oklahoma exit was first.


“Uh-oh….” Donna murmured.


“Uh-oh what?” Dani asked, panicking.


“Told you this would happen!” Betti giggled.


“What would happen??” Dani asked


“We kinda took the turning for Iowa…” Mai-Leigh sighed


“You’re kidding right?” Donna cried


“It’s ok…we’ll go to Iowa, since we’ve not got a choice anyway…” Mai-Leigh started, looking at the map, “But then we can make a turning towards Nebraska and we can get that way to California….through Colorado”


“Like you said…we’ve got loads of time…” Donna sighed.


“And I’ve got the perfect place for us to visit today! They’ve even got a thing on tonight!!!” Betti smiled


“So…where to then Miss. Navigator??” Mai-Leigh giggled.


“We’re going to the Glenn Miller Birthplace Museum!!” Betti explained, “And they’ve got a festival celebrating his music on tonight”


“Sounds fascinating…” Dani replied, sarcastically.


“It is…and it’s not like we do much in the evening anyway apart from eat or sleep…and they need help from people to dress up in 1940s costumes, so I signed us up when we went off the wrong turning…” Betti smiled


“Wait…you knew it was the wrong turning???” Dani said through gritted teeth.


“Why didn’t you say anything??” Donna cried.


“Because I thought this would be interesting. We never get to do anything too fun…we go to one museum and then do nothing afterwards…” Betti explained, “And I thought this would be good for us since we get paid to dress up!”


“Fine…” Dani sighed, “Since we get paid for it!”


“Good! Now take a left here” Betti grinned.


For the rest of the way, Betti guided the girls towards the museum, and it looked as though the town were getting ready for something spectacular!


“Here we are! The Glenn Miller Birthplace museum!” Betti smiled, pointing out the building


“It doesn’t look very big…” Mai-Leigh added


“It’s got a big park at the back for tonight, so don’t worry about that” Betti said, walking inside the museum up to the front desk.


“Yeah, it was great last night Joe” The receptionist spoke on the phone “Hold on a sec…would you mind hunny…I’m on the phone I’ll be with you soon”


“Sure…” Dani sighed “We’ll wait…”


“Anyway doll like I was sayin’ there was some big band here last night…performed a concert, it was AWESOME!” The woman continued


“Looks like we’ll be here a while” Donna sighed, looking at some pamphlet’s


“Yeah…and the stylist was kinda left behind, saying she’d help us out with the costumes for tonight…ain’t that grand?? Some nice people out there ain’t there??” The woman continued


“Ooooh a professional stylist….means we’ll look EXTRA great tonight!” Betti winked at Dani


“Just because she’s a professional, doesn’t mean she’s any good…” Dani replied


“Oh darn….what was the name of the band??? Something about a…direction….oh yeah ONE DIRECTION!” The woman shouted


All the girls’ head snapped to the receptionist at the same time.


“Did she just say….?” Mai-Leigh started


“One direction…” Dani added


“Did a concert here….” Added Donna


“Last night??? AND WE MISSED IT?!?!?!” Betti shouted


“Ok I’ve gotta go hun…got some customers!” The woman put down the phone, “Can I help you girls??”


“We….one….direction…last night…..huh??” Betti struggled to get out


“We’re here for the festival tonight, and we came to be fitted for our costumes” Dani interrupted


“Ahh yes…well, the woman’s a bit busy at the moment, maybe you could look around the museum till she’s ready…I’ll let her know you’re here. Your names?” The receptionist asked.


“Mai-Leigh, Donna, Dani and Betti” Donna smiled at the woman


The girls then started to make their way around the museum, looking intently at each stand, taking in each fact about the musical genius from the 1940s.


“Quick photo before tonight!” Betti exclaimed as the girls grouped together for the shot.


“Hi…you must be the girls I’m looking for. I’m Ami…the stylist for tonight” A girl walked up to them


“Hi, I’m Dani, and this is Betti, Donna and Mai-Leigh” Dani pointed to the rest of the girls


“Are you….are you the stylist for One Direction” Donna squealed


“Yeah…they left me here after last night so I could help with the festival” Ami said, “Without actually telling me that that was what they were going to do. I woke up this morning with a note in the room telling me to help, so here I am. You’re fans of them?”


“Fans???” Donna squealed “These guys run the fan site!”


“The fan site eh?? Oh yeah I remember Paul saying something about you guys wanting a prize once for a competition…” Ami remembered


“The ‘What I would do with One Direction for a day’ competition!! I remember that!” Dani smiled “That was ages ago!”


“Yeah didn’t a fan in Poland win it??” Mai-Leigh added. “Their single…signed?”


“That was awesome!” Betti grinned


“Oh…I remember Zayn said something about you girls doing a blog and trek across America for their concert?” Ami asked


“Yeah, we were supposed to be in Oklahoma today, but we took the wrong exit and ended up here!” Dani sighed


“If I remember rightly, aren’t you Zayn’s girlfriend Ami?” Mai-Leigh asked


Ami blushed as soon as this question was asked.


“Umm…yeah…we’ve not been together long and he’s been really sweet” Ami smiled


All the girls squealed together.


“Actually…you being here is perfect!” Ami exclaimed


“Why?” Donna asked


“Because after tonight, I need a ride to catch up with the guys, and you’re going to the concert anyway….so this is perfect!” Ami squealed


“We’d love to have you with us!” Dani grinned, and all the girls smiled


“Great!” Ami smiled, “So follow me then, and we’ll get your costumes sorted.”


The girls did as they were told, and were fitted quite quickly. Ami was going to be an upper-class lady, with Donna as her maid, Dani was going to be a nurse, and Betti and Mai-Leigh were army girls.


“This is perfect! Say cheese!” Betti got the girls together, and uploaded it to the fan site.


“Tonight’s going to be great!” Ami smiled


“Guys…Zayn just messaged me saying he loves it that his girlfriends joined our group! Awwww how cute!” Betti giggled, whilst Ami blushed


“Wait till I see him! I’m so gonna…urghhh!” Ami grunted


 The girls then took Ami to the hotel that they were going to stay at for the night with some bits of food, so they wouldn’t get hungry in the festival, as they constantly needed to be in character.


“Guys, do you mind if I Face Time Zayn for a bit? I kinda miss him, and I need to thoroughly thank him for leaving me behind this morning” Ami said through gritted teeth.


“Go ahead!” The girls smiled in unison, eating some pizza.


Ami got everything sorted on her phone and the next thing the girls heard was…


“Hey doll!”


“Don’t you hey doll me Mr.! How dare you leave me here!!!!” Ami shouted


“I….erm…..I….but I thought you wanted to help them…” Zayn whimpered


“I did…I do…just would’ve been nice to be told you guys were gonna leave me here! And what if these girls…” Ami pointed to the rest of the room, whilst they all waved to the phone “who run your fan site hadn’t turned up?!?!? How would I have got to your stupid concert then Zayn? Magic? Teleportation??? Huh? Come on Zayn, tell me!”


“I…er….didn’t think of that doll…” Zayn sighed, confused


“Of course you didn’t. You never do!” Ami shouted.


“But everything worked out ok didn’t it?” Betti asked, trying to calm down the situation, “I mean, we’re here, and you’ll get to the concert, so everything’s good right?”


“I guess…” Ami sighed, finally calming down


“Thanks…erm…” Zayn added


“Betti…but you can call me Bee” Betti smiled


“Right…Betti…and there’s Dani…and Mai…and didn’t you add another girl??? Donna?” Zayn asked, when he said their names, the girls waved.


“You don’t remember their names do you Zayn” Ami asked through gritted teeth.


“To be honest doll, you’re the only girl I concentrate on. I know they run the fan site, and that they’re great girls. But you’re the only one for me.” Zayn winked and Ami blushed, “Plus each of the guys concentrate on one of these girls anyway, so I wouldn’t want to interrupt…if you know what I mean”


“So each girl has her own guy?” Ami smirked, turning to the girls


“Oh no…” Mai-Leigh gasped.


“Right, I’ve gotta go doll, miss you loads! Kiss Kiss! Oh, by the way, we’re in South Dakota now…should still be here in the morning if you can make it” Zayn winked before he signed off.


“So you guys have a favourite in the band then?” Ami mocked an evil laugh.


“Yeah…but there’s no time to discuss that now. We’ve gotta get going!” Donna added, as she picked up her things


“Right! Let’s go!” Betti laughed


The night was filled with crowds gathering at the park behind the museum, the girls could hear music as they walked towards the entrance of the festival and smiled as they saw several bright lights glowing next to a dance floor with its own swing band. As soon as they were allowed in, the girls headed their own separate ways, each being asked for photographs with various people as they ate and drank and reminisced about when they first heard Glenn Miller’s music.


“Wanna dance?” A tall boy asked Dani, as Mai giggled.

“Sure” Dani replied, following the boy to the dance floor, starting with a jive.


After an hour or two of dancing, getting to know the locals and photographs galore, the girls met up and watched the swing band perform whilst some professional dancers took to the stage.


“Wow! Those guys are amazing!” Donna said, gasping for breath after a few rounds of waltzing around with a war veteran.


“The band really knows their stuff. I can’t believe I’ve never been to this before!” Dani added


“The receptionist told me that they don’t really publicize it too much. It’s such a shame!” Ami replied


Tired after their night out, the girls headed back to the hotel, whilst Betti updated the blog.


Great day 2day :D

Took a wrong turn & ended up in Iowa :/

Bumped in2 1D’s stylist Ami & she’s coming with us!

Got 2 dress up in 40s clothin 4 a festival 4 Glenn Miller.

If u can go nxt yr do so! It’s AWESOME!!! :D

Bee xxx


“Right…so spill! Which guy’s your fav??” Ami enquired


“Fine! Mine’s Liam” Dani sighed


“Niall” Betti smiled


“Harry” Donna looked away


“Louis” Mai-Leigh blushed


“Awww that’s too cute!” Ami giggled


“Yeah…Mai’s kinda shy…probably wouldn’t know what to do if Louis popped up right in front of her” Betti giggled, seeing Mai-Leigh blush harder


“I think it’s sweet!” Donna smiled


“Alright guys! Enough teasing ok!” Dani stood up for Mai-Leigh “I’m sure that apart from Ami, we would all go shy and quiet in front of the guys!”


“I was speechless the first time Zayn spoke to me” Ami interrupted, “All I could manage was ahhh…I….erm……hah……erm…it was totally embarrassing!”


“See so stop teasing Mai!” Dani nodded her head.


After that, the girls were in a debate as to whether or not to head straight for Nebraska for the concert or take a little detour to meet up with the guys in South Dakota. Meeting up with the guys eventually won, and all the girls set their alarm clocks early so that they could get up  and leave on time, ready for Day 5.

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