Our Misadventure

One Direction has announced a concert in California!

Three friends decide to do a road trip to go to see their favourite band, who knows what they may stumble on along the way....


7. 6. Day 3 - Missouri

The girls got up and headed to the diner for some breakfast, thanks to forward planning, the girls knew that they were headed to Missouri today, but Betti still hadn't picked which attraction they were going to. Mai-Leigh still felt a little guilty about the day before, and breaking the statue of Abraham Lincoln's arm.

"There's no need to worry Mai!" Betti smiled "We're far away from there now, and it was just an accident!"

"Yeah Mai, nothing to worry about...Bee have you picked where we're going yet or not?" Donna asked.

"I have..." Betti grinned

"Well...tell us then...." Donna sighed

"We're gonna go to the Titanic museum!!!" Betti giggled

Donna and Mai-Leigh groaned a little.

"Hopefully there won't be any statues for Mai to break!" Dani giggled. Mai-Leigh started sulking as they finished their breakfast and headed towards Missouri.

"Ok...I'm sorry Mai...it was just a little joke!" Dani sighed and smiled

"Yeah...a joke that wasn't funny!" Mai-Leigh looked serious

"I said I'm sorry!" Dani sighed

"Ok.......I forgive you...." Mai-Leigh smiled

"Good! Because we don't want any arguments happening between us!!" Donna said. The girls all laughed together, especially when Betti showed them the picture that was took and their faces in it!

They finally managed to get to the Titanic museum, and actually had a fun time, they enjoyed looking at the history and how it sank, all they had left was a little film at the end of the tour to watch about the survivors and that was it!


But some things just never go right!

The girls sat next to each other in some seats, Donna and Dani at either end. Then a pregnant woman with her husband sat next to Donna. The woman kept getting cramps - she told Donna that it was because the baby kept moving and the husband kept checking if she was ok which she kept saying she was.

They all had to wait a little while for the film because of technical difficulties, so Donna started talking to the pregnant woman, asking when it was due, etc. And Donna also started talking about what we were doing there and then the film started.

About 20 minutes later, and the short film ended, and the woman was still complaining about the cramps. Donna asked if she was ok, and the woman said it kept hurting. Then all of a sudden....

Her waters broke! :/

Her husband fainted, and Donna kept telling the woman to keep breathing properly. Dani called for an ambulance, but the closest one was half an hour away, so the girls managed to get the woman, her husband and themselves into the car and drove to the nearest hospital. Betti was panicking, Mai-Leigh couldn't look, but they managed to get there quite quickly.

Donna and Mai-Leigh stayed with the woman, Betti stayed with her husband, trying to wake him up, and Dani parked the car and made her way to Betti. Finally, the husband managed to wake up, and the three of them made their way to the woman, who by this time, had given birth.

"Its a girl..." A doctor told the woman.

The woman held the baby and smiled, her husband went to be beside her. Betti made the doctor take a picture of them all together, which she then uploaded to the fan-site. As the girls were leaving, the woman told them that she would name her baby Donna and they all smiled and the girls made their way to the car.

"Its been a hectic day!" Dani giggled

"I can't believe they named their baby after me" Donna grinned

They managed to find the car (Dani had forgotten where she parked it again! :/ ) and they made their way to a motel, at the border of Missouri.

Been a busy day 2day!
Went 2 Titanic Museum! It was actually pretty interesting!
Then a woman we sat with went in2 labour :/
We helped her and she had a baby girl, called Donna :D So all is good!
Bee xxx

She updated the blog.

After the girls ate, they went back to their room and discussed what had happened in the day, laughing about it all! They then looked at the map and saw that tomorrow’s journey would take them through Oklahoma. Then, they finally went to sleep to get ready for Day 4!



Ok this is what I've got so far...I'll try and update it more when I've written more. Coming up soon....mixed up roads and new encounters :)

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