Our Misadventure

One Direction has announced a concert in California!

Three friends decide to do a road trip to go to see their favourite band, who knows what they may stumble on along the way....


6. 5. Day 2 - Illinois

The girls got up about 10ish and went to the diner for some breakfast, where they would plan there day ahead. Donna ordered a stack of pancakes for everyone, and they all enjoyed it.

"That was A LOT of pancakes" Mai-Leigh giggled

"Yeah...but at least we won't be hungry any time soon" Donna answered

Dani got the map out and her, Donna and Mai-Leigh started planning the journey ahead of them, whereas Betti was looking on her iPhone, to see attractions for the next state - Illinois.

"So...if we go through here...here...and here....we can get through Illinois without any hitches..." Dani explained "So where can we head to today then Bee???"

"Well...there's the hometown of Superman...if that's any good?" Betti enquired.

"I don't think any of us could take a themed town again after yesterday Bee! What do they wear??? Their underwear over their pants???" Mai-Leigh giggled

"I agree...living in Santa Claus has made me dislike themed towns..." Donna said "Is there anything else?"

"Well...there is the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum...." Betti suggested

"Sounds perfect...It'll be informative...and we won't have to put up with it throughout the whole town" Dani agreed

With all that agreed, the girls made the way to the car, but they had to fill the tank with petrol first. And then they made their way to Illinois. Betti checked up on the blog and saw that there were lots of comments, some good, some bad. Most people seemed to enjoy the blog, however some people thought that it was a waste of time because they were jealous that the girls were doing it, instead of them.

"How do you deal with that sort of thing??? Its not very nice..." Donna sighed

"No its not...there are some people like that...but we just get on with it...there's no point in feeling bad about everything they say...if we did that, the fan-site wouldn't be running anymore" Betti smiled

"People are cruel, especially when they're jealous...." Mai-Leigh sighed

"Awwww. Harry's messaged us saying he loves the blog..." Betti smiled "And to just ignore the haters”

Donna blushed, which Betti saw.

"Ohhhhh....." Betti giggled, realising.

"Ohhhh.....what???" Dani asked, looking in her rear-view mirror

"Donna likes Harry!!!!" Betti shouted, laughing her head off. Donna put her hands in front of Betti's mouth to try and stop her, and she kept blushing.

"Bee!!!" Donna whispered, a little angry

"Don't worry Donna! We ALL have our favourite's don't we Bee???" Mai-Leigh smiled

"I don't know what you're talking about" Betti ignored

"Bee likes Niall" Mai-Leigh explained "And Dani likes Liam"

Donna smiled, knowing that this would bond her with the girls a little closer.

"What about you?" She asked Mai-Leigh

"Me?? Erm...." Mai-Leigh hesitated

"Mai likes Louis. But she's very shy...and won't do anything about it!" Dani laughed Mai-Leigh blushed and all the girls laughed. They finally made their way to the town where the museum was, and parked up. The girls made their way to the museum, and saw a few shops on the way, so they were distracted a little, and bought some clothes, and then went for some food.

After all that, they made their way to the museum and Betti got some to take a picture near the sign, which she uploaded to the fan-site. They then entered, paid and met a tour guide - they went around in a big group. The girls saw that you could have a picture with a plastic Abraham Lincoln, so they agreed that they would do this for the blog after the tour, because they didn't have time before it.

Throughout the tour, the girls learned about the life of Abraham Lincoln, although it seemed as though Dani was the only one that was paying attention - Betti was listening to the music on her iPhone, Donna and Mai-Leigh were talking to each other about their lives and One Direction.

At the end of the tour, the girls made their way to the plastic statue of Abraham Lincoln. Mai-Leigh and Donna stood one side of the statue and Betti and Dani stood the other. They got ready to smile and Mai-Leigh leaned on the statue by accident then, there was the sound of a break...and an arm fell off and Mai-Leigh caught it, and the picture was taken.

Mai-Leigh stood there holding the arm, trying to pose - so it looked like nothing had broken, Donna was covering her. Betti laughed at the picture.

"It looks like everyone is really scared" Betti laughed, and then she realised about the arm.

The girls huddled around the arm, trying to look inconspicuous.

They looked around, seeing that the receptionist was going to the other side of the room to them.

"Right...when she goes...lets make a run for it..." Donna whispered.

"Ok..." The other girls agreed

"One........two......three!!!" The girls then ran for their lives to the car, Dani started it and they left as fast as they could.

They all laughed their heads off and finally found a motel and diner for the night.

The girls ate at the diner and made their way to their room, still talking about the incident in the museum.

"I can't believe I leaned on it and it broke!" Mai-Leigh panicked

Dani and Donna laughed.

"It was an accident!" Donna explained. They all laughed and Betti uploaded the picture to the fan-site and updated it.

Well...an interesting day 2day...in Illinois! :D <3
Visited Abraham Lincoln museum...interesting....Mai broke Lincoln's arm :/ Ooops.
Ran like the wind 2 the car. Now in motel. Missouri 2moro! :D
Bee xxx

Betti smiled as she updated the blog. She then saw that Louis had left a message.

"Guys....Louis says hi!" Betti giggled "And he also asks if Mai's ok...hopefully not too distraught from breaking Lincoln's arm!!!"

Mai-Leigh smiled as Betti replied to him, saying that everything was ok. The girls then fell to sleep, ready for Day 3.

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