Our Misadventure

One Direction has announced a concert in California!

Three friends decide to do a road trip to go to see their favourite band, who knows what they may stumble on along the way....


5. 4. Day 1 - Indiana

The girls made their way to the car, said goodbye to Dani's parents and then she started the engine and stalled the car. -_-"

"Oh dear...not exactly a great start is it Dee??" Betti giggled, making Mai-Leigh laugh

"SSshhhh!" Dani whispered, and started the car again "Ok here we go...."

And so they left, they exited the street, got on the main road and....

"I need the toilet..." Betti squeaked

"Why didn't you go before???" Dani asked, annoyed

"Because I didn't need it before, silly!" Betti replied, sticking out her tongue in the process.

"Well...you'll have to wait..." Dani smiled

"Ahhh....according to this map...there's a diner up ahead..." Mai-Leigh said (Authors note: I don't know why they're using a map lol when they have iPhones with GPS stuff on it XD lol)

"Ok...can we stop there then????" Betti pleaded "Pleeeaaaaaassssssseeeeee??????"

"Oh...all right..." Dani sighed and Betti smiled.


They managed to find the diner, called Joey's. Dani and Mai-Leigh found a booth while Betti went to the bathroom.

"What can I get you??" Asked a waitress

"Oh...ermmm...can I get 3 coffees then please." Dani smiled

"Sure." The waitress answered. Moments later, Betti sat with Mai-Leigh and Dani in the booth, and the waitress brought the coffee.

"OK...So I've been looking at the map and if we get to Oklahoma, then it’s quite easy to get to California!" Mai-Leigh explained.

"Chill out Mai...." Dani smiled

"Yeah, chill Mai...why don't we check out the sights of each state we go in??" Betti suggested

"But that will take more time!" Mai-Leigh panicked

"But it'll be more fun! And we’ve got loads of time to get to the concert…that’s why we did the road trip remember? Like with Indiana - there's the World's largest ball of paint, a town called Santa Claus, an RV hall of fame..." Betti kept on reeling out names of attractions in Indiana until she stopped wit, “You need to do these types of things on a road trip and we haven’t seen each other in ages so we have to! The boys will like it! I’m sure of it!”

“Fine…” Mai-Leigh sighed

"But we can only go to one attraction per state Bee. So which one will we go to in Indiana?" Dani asked

Betti pondered over it for a moment...

"Santa Claus town..." she grinned

So it was agreed. Once the girls got to Indiana, they would visit Santa Claus town.


After the coffee, the girls paid for it and then made their way to Santa Claus. After about an hours drive, they finally managed to get there. They got to the sign that said;

Welcome to Santa Claus

and they stopped the car, got out, and got a passer by to take a picture for the blog, which Betti the uploaded to the fan-site. They got back in the car and then there was a squeak from the back...

"What?" Mai-Leigh panicked

"Niall messaged me...he loved the picture!" Betti grinned

"Oh..." Mai-Leigh sighed "I actually thought something was wrong..."

They all laughed together as they made their way to the town centre and parked the car.

Many people greeted the girls throughout the town, although, everyone seemed to be wearing red, which seemed a little strange :/ They then went into a shop and saw that all the clothes were red and they giggled, then they could hear Christmas music playing in the background.

"Well...I think I'd get sick of Christmas if I lived here..." Dani laughed, walking towards a cafe

"Yeah...and red!" Mai-Leigh smiled

They all laughed their way into the cafe and sat down, where they were approached by a waitress called Donna. The girls looked through the menu and ordered, and then Donna brought their drinks and started talking to them.

"So...where are you guys from then??" Donna asked

"We're from Ohio way..." Dani answered, and Donna smiled.

"We're heading to California..." Betti continued "We're going to see a band in concert and we're on a road trip..."

"Which band??" Donna asked

"ONE DIRECTION!!!" Mai-Leigh shouted

"You...like One Direction???" Donna smiled

"Yeah...they're awesome!" Dani stated

"I love them too" Donna jumped up and down “I love what makes you beautiful!”

"It’s a great song! And the boys are so lovely!” Mai-Leigh smiled


“Say...don't you get sick of Christmas here?" Betti asked

"Tell me about it!! It’s all that ever happens here! I wish I could get out of here!!" Donna sighed

The girls then huddled together and were then in agreement...

"Well...why don't you come along with us on our road trip??" Betti asked

"REALLY?!?!?!" Donna got excited

"Yeah....." Mai-Leigh smiled "...We've got the room...and you like One Direction too....so you'd be welcome"

"Argggg...there's so much to do...I've got to pack...I've got to get ready" Donna said, running off to her house.

The girls giggled and ate their food. Then they made their way towards to the car, to find Donna stumbling towards them.

They got Donna's suitcase in the boot of the car, finally after about 10 minutes of trying to squeeze it in. Then, they all got into the car and drove off!

By the time they got near the border of the state, it was nightfall, so the girls decided to stop in a motel for the night.

Betti was updated the blog;

Met a girl (Donna) in Santa Claus, she' s coming with us... :D its gonna be awesome us 4. Now we're in a motel, talking about the day ahead.
Bee xxx

"Girls...pic..." Betti smiled and used her camera, and uploaded it onto the website.

"I can't believe the girls I meet are the girls who created and update the fan-site!!!" Donna smiled

The rest of the night, the girls were getting to know Donna and gossiping about One Direction...

They slept the night away, getting ready for Day 2.




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