Our Misadventure

One Direction has announced a concert in California!

Three friends decide to do a road trip to go to see their favourite band, who knows what they may stumble on along the way....


4. 3. Dani's house - Ohio

The moment the girls got back together, everything seemed right with the world.


"Shall we head back then?" Betti asked

"Sure..." Dani smiled

The girls walked towards the car park, but Dani had forgotten where she had parked her car!!! Ooops :/

After about half an hour, the girls managed to find Dani's car and Betti and Mai-Leigh looked at it in amazement.

It was a blue 1964 Mustang - like the one in princess diaries.

"Wow! Dee this car is awesome!" Mai-Leigh said.


“Thanks…it’s my dad’s” Dani replied


“And he let you use it for the trip?” Mai-Leigh asked, whilst Dani nodded.

Betti started to take pictures of the car.

"What on earth are you doing Bee?" Mai-Leigh asked

"I'm taking pictures for the blog..." Betti explained

"The blog?" Mai-Leigh was surprised.

"Ahhh yes....we forgot to tell you..." Dani explained "Bee had this great idea to write a blog every day about our journey to put on the fan-site!"

"Ohh....OK!! Sounds good!" Mai-Leigh smiled

The girls got into the car, Betti in the back, Mai-Leigh in the front and Dani driving. Mai-Leigh put on the stereo, and linked it to her iPod. They listened and sung along to One Direction’s ‘One Thing’ all the way back to Dani's house.

By the time the got back, it was nightfall, and Dani's mum and dad were waiting for them with their dinner.

"Hey Mr. Dani’s dad! How’s things?" Betti asked

"Can't complain Betti. Can't complain!" he answered

"We've set up the sleeping bags for you two in Dani's room" Dani's mum added

"Thanks" Mai-Leigh appreciated

That night, they ate pizza, and talked all about their journey...

"So what's the plan?" asked Mai-Leigh

"Right...so we'll take each day as it comes...we'll go through here, here and here" Dani explained, pointing at a map "And try and get to California as soon as possible..."

"Sounds like a good plan" Betti giggled, “Hopefully we won’t get lost”

"Well do you have anything better?" Dani raised her eyebrows

"...no..." Betti blushed

"Well then..." Dani grinned

Then, for the rest of the night, they were updating their fan-site, talking about the journey and Zayn messaged them, saying that he's excited to read everything that they blog, which they all screamed about and danced in Dani's room. Because if Zayn knew about it, then the rest of the band would too :D

Finally, they all managed to get some sleep.


Next morning, Mai-Leigh was the first to get up. She left Dani and Betti sleeping and went downstairs to Dani's kitchen to make herself some breakfast.

Next up was Dani, who also got herself some cereal and saw Mai-Leigh eating, so she sat with her.

"What are you gonna do if you meet Louis??" Dani smiled

"Well...I don’t know." Mai-Leigh blushed "What would you do if you met Liam???"

"Good point. I'm not actually sure...." Dani said, trying not to blush

A moment later, Betti walked down the stairs, got some food and started to eat it. There was an awkward silence in the air whilst the girls were eating. After they had finished, the girls got ready for the first day of their actual journey...

"Ready??" Dani asked

The girls all looked at each other and smiled

"Ready!!!" They all said together and laughed and walked to the car, to start the biggest misadventure of their lives...



(Author's note: I know this chapter's quite short but there wasn't really much to do at Dani's house except sleep, because they start the journey in the next chapter. Hope you guys like it ^_^ )

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