Our Misadventure

One Direction has announced a concert in California!

Three friends decide to do a road trip to go to see their favourite band, who knows what they may stumble on along the way....


3. 2. The Three Journeys

(Author’s note: this chapter is written in first person because not only is it for the certain characters’ point-of-view but I figured it could also be a part of the blog that they do)


Mai-Leigh's Journey

So I booked my ticket for the concert straight away - turns out that Dani, Betti and I will end up sitting next to each other!! Can't wait!!! Eeeekkkk! <3

I went online as quick as I could and booked a ticket on the next flight to Ohio. I couldn't believe my luck! I'd managed to get on the one at 8am...ok...so its…4pm now...I'd best pack!

Trying to think of what to pack...definitely some tops, jeans, sunglasses, shoes...anything else??? Ah yes...my passport...definitely need that.

Ooops. I spilled sun cream on my floor :/

Anyway...all fully packed? Money ready…check...ticket ready…check...passport ready…check…anything else? Don’t think so…all I need now is sleep! I told my parents that I’m going to see Dani and Betti, and they seemed pleased about it. What I didn't tell them was that we'd be trekking across America after some hot boy band. I don't think they really need to know, do you???

Right, alarm is set, and everything's ready for the morning. Now some sleep.


My alarm woke me up, I ran into my bathroom, cleaned my teeth and everything. Shoot! I forgot to put my toothbrush in my bag for America. Ahhh yesss...stuff it in...cram in it...it won't go in!! :(

Mai-Leigh! Now is no time to panic! Sure you can't fit your toothbrush in your bag...but...yes...got it in!! :D Major happiness!

Ok! Everything's ready! My suitcase is now in dad's car and he's driving me to the airport...loads of time!!! :D


At the Airport...found where I'm supposed to go...ticket and passport to the lady....oh dear...

It seems I've grown a little since my passport pic was taken...I think it was about 7 or 8 year ago damn!

Phew. Looks like we're in the clear! :) Suitcase at side of the lady...yes...its light enough! :D

Said goodbye to mum and dad...mum cried a little. I think it’d be worse if I told them about One Direction. :/

I went forward to the passport man and turned back to wave at my parents and I finally went through the gate!


An hour later and we were allowed on the plane...I nearly missed it though :/ I was listening to One Direction on my iPod and wasn't paying attention! That's what One Direction does to you!

On the plane, I had some peanuts and listened to more One Direction! I'm so glad there's wifi on this plane so my iPhone works...

On plane. Listening to @OneDirection atm. Can't wait 2 see @1D_lover n @Bee_1Direction soon!! Eekkkk <3
I tweeted

@ML_1D Can't wait 2 see u 2 chick!!! <3
Dani replied

Seriously...when I did I ever get such good friends? I love them both! <3

The plane journey took forever! But it finally managed to land and I grabbed my suitcase as soon as I saw it and ran out!

I got to the terminal and saw Dani and Betti waiting for me and I ran up to them and hugged them!



Betti's journey

At the moment, my parents and I were living in Ontario, Canada. However, we were visiting an aunt in Connecticut. We keep moving because of dad's job and its rather annoying!

So with this in mind, after we got our tickets, I booked a train to Ohio and it was for later in the day! I told my mum about it (my dad was at work) and she was ok with everything!

A little later, I was packed! Ready for the journey ahead!

I went online and tweeted to Dani...

@1D_lover what if we did a blog about our journey??? For the fan-site???
I tweeted

@Bee_1Direction sounds like a great idea!!
She replied

Ok so it was sorted then, with the fun new technology of an iPhone, I would blog everyday about our journey and how far we were along the way. This was going to be the best road trip ever!

I got ready with everything, updated the site about our plan and blog, and it wasn't too long before I had to leave for my train!

Got there just in time! I said my goodbyes, got on the train and found myself a seat.

Moments later, a nun came and sat next to me, and I felt a little awkward. I sat upright, and said hi.

I put in my earphones and listened to some One Direction. Unfortunately, I started to sing along, much to the nun's disagreement.

"Can you keep quiet! I'm trying to read!" the nun whispered.

I looked at her wondering what she was on about - since One Direction are the best! But then I saw she was reading the bible, and thought it was best not to say that One Direction was better than anything else in the world, even though it’s true! So I hummed along instead!

The journey seemed to go by really quickly, but I checked my messages on my iPhone to see what was happening. I saw Mai-Leigh's tweet and smiled. I was glad that it wouldn't be long so that I could see her again, and Dani...

I then saw that Niall had tweeted me and I squeaked a little. Just so you know....Niall's my favourite!!! <3

He said that he liked the idea of our blog and he couldn't wait to meet me!!! Eeeeekkk!!! I was in absolute heaven! (Pardon the phrasing with the nun next to me!)


Sometime later, I arrived in Ohio. I saw Dani and I ran to her and hugged her.

"Where's Mai??" I asked

"Not here yet! Let's get to her terminal!" Dani said as we walked.

We got to the terminal and then finally saw her. It had been ages since we were all together like this and it felt awesome!!!


Dani's Journey

Tickets booked. Realllllyyyyyy excited! I mean its ONE DIRECTION!!!! IN CONCERT!!!!!!!! WAHOOOOOOOO! <3

Sorry about that....

Well...there's not really that much to tell....

I got ready, ate some food, asked my dad for his car...he actually said yes!!! :D

So I packed...ready for the journey that awaited us...

I saw Betti's tweet and really liked the idea - I mean, how awesome would it be for our One Direction Family to read about our journey from start to finish??? Maybe even the One Direction's will end up reading it...who knows?!?!?

I then saw Mai's tweet and was glad she was on the plane. She's not exactly the most outgoing of people and she's a little scared of flying, so I'm really glad she did it!

So then I made my way to the train station, which is actually at the airport, so we wouldn't need to go far to get Mai after anyway!

I saw Betti and well....you know the rest of the story so far....well at least I think you do.....

Its great to have the gang back together again!!! <3

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