Our Misadventure

One Direction has announced a concert in California!

Three friends decide to do a road trip to go to see their favourite band, who knows what they may stumble on along the way....


2. 1. Skype plan for One Direction

It had been a year since Betti, Dani and Mai-Leigh were first introduced to the sound of One Direction and they still absolutely loved it! Being on different continents, the girls found it hard to work together on the One Direction fan-site, whilst also having time for each other. But they seemed to manage through the glorious invention of Skype!

With there being 8 hours between Mai-Leigh and the other girls, they had to wait for her to get home at 4pm to discuss anything serious. Unfortunately for Betti and Dani, that meant talking on Skype at 8 in the morning. First online was Dani and Betti...

"HEY DEE!" Betti shouted at her computer, selecting her outfit for the day.

"Hey! How many times have I told you Bee, you don't have to shout! I can hear you!!!" Dani laughed, and put on ‘What makes you beautiful’ from her iPod and started dancing around her room.

"Nice tunage..." Betti smiled bopping her head to the music "When's Mai getting on??"

"She's getting home any minute now so she should be on soon..." replied Dani "Speak of the devil..." Dani accepted the request for Mai-Leigh to join the conversation.

"Hey guys...sorry I'm a little late" Mai-Leigh said, putting her bags on the floor.

"Its ok" Dani smiled "We were just getting started!"

"Guess what! Guess what guys!!!" Mai-Leigh got excited "Louis TWEETED me!!!! I mean ME!!!!!!!"

Mai-Leigh started dancing round her room all happy. Dani and Betti just looked at each other.

"So what did he say...???" Betti asked, stopping what she was doing and turning to her computer.

"Guys...right...he said...hello!!!" Mai-Leigh squealed

Dani put her head in her hands and Betti giggled.

"Mai...I know you're knew to this guys talking to you thing...but you shouldn't just be happy with a hello!" Dani explained

"Yeah Mai...why don't you try and start a conversation with that then...?" Betti said, returning to her outfits.

Mai-Leigh just blushed. "I couldn't possibly..."

You see, Mai-Leigh is very shy, she doesn't talk very often and the only real friends she has are Dani and Betti, who've known each other since they were born. Dani was the strong leader of the group. She always has a plan, which usually goes pear-shaped, but keeps the girls in check. And Betti is the fun bubbly one who gets along with everybody. Now together, they run the One Direction fan-site and update everyone on things about the band.

"She'll never change will she??" Betti asked Dani, after finally choosing the perfect outfit.

"Seems not..." Dani replied, putting her hair up into a ponytail.

"Guys...Harry messaged me earlier asking us to update the fans about their cover of 'Haven’t met you yet'. Want to hear it??" Betti grinned

"As if we would say no..." Dani laughed.

The girls listened to 'Haven’t met you yet' and danced around in their rooms, added with bits of lip-singing along with the boys into their hairbrushes.

"Now that...was awesome!" Mai-Leigh sighed

"Yeah...I'm just gonna let the fans know about it" Betti said, typing and posted it on the fan-site.

All of a sudden, there was a ding from Dani's computer.

"What was that?" Mai-Leigh asked.

Dani clicked on the item, and stayed silent. After reading it, she stared open-mouthed at the document.

"Dani...Dani.....DANI!!!! What's wrong????" Betti shouted

"O....M....G....OMG...OMG! OMG! OMG!" Dani screamed

"What?" Mai-Leigh asked

"I've just got a message from Liam....." Dani exclaimed

"Oh...I actually thought it was something important...not just something from your lover boy" Betti said, unexcited. "Liam and Dani sitting in a tree...."

"Stop it!" Dani blushed "And anyway...this is important!"

"So what is it then?" Mai-Leigh asked

"One Direction...are going to do a concert...in CALIFORNIA!!!!!!"

All the girls screamed with excitement.

"Wait. That’s great and all, but...how can we get there?" Mai-Leigh asked

Betti sighed, realising that California is on the opposite side of the country Dani, she’s in Canada and Mai-Leigh's in England.

The girls sat and thought for a minute. Dani then thought of a great idea.

"Road trip..." Dani murmured

"What??" Betti and Mai-Leigh asked

"Why don't we do a road trip??? I mean, you guys meet me here...and then we could go together...in my dad's car...on a road trip?"

The girls were then in agreement. They would all meet at Dani's and then trek across America in Dani's dad's car and make their way to the concert. Betti and Mai-Leigh booked their tickets and were all set...

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