A Hard Decision.

So there's a beautiful story where Magdalena , a 16 yeared old girl goes to L.A for holiday , and she knows One Direction , her favourite boy band !
She is happy , they are too , but two guys from 1D fall in love with Magdalena: they're both fighting for her love. The girl loves all of them , but she can't decide with both lads.
So , Magdalena (Mane for short) would choose Harry , 1D's Romeo or Niall the blondie one ?


3. What's going on now ?!

And today was the best day of my life: at least I could see One Direction in person ! You know , no on TV or Internet.
So we had breakfast , and went to the mall.
I was so excited because there were very cool things and I bought all !
The wait was too long because we had to get ready for the concert ! Staples was 5 miles from the mall.
-Mane I didn't brang the tix ! Sorry but we have to go to the hotel. - said Mom.
-Sorry ? - I was shocked.
-There isn't in my bag ! Someone has stolen them. It might. -
-We have to go to the hotel. But relax , you can see them anyday. - said Grandma.
-Noooooo ! - I cried. - I can't be ! -
I cried all the time. Why it could happen to me ? Why ?!?! I can't understand !
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