A Hard Decision.

So there's a beautiful story where Magdalena , a 16 yeared old girl goes to L.A for holiday , and she knows One Direction , her favourite boy band !
She is happy , they are too , but two guys from 1D fall in love with Magdalena: they're both fighting for her love. The girl loves all of them , but she can't decide with both lads.
So , Magdalena (Mane for short) would choose Harry , 1D's Romeo or Niall the blondie one ?


13. The last goodbye ?

Wow! Now Harry is sending me a DM , but , what can it say there ? 

I'm so nervous ! 

I'ts 9 PM , OMG ! 

I opened Twitter , I saw a DM , and it said

Mane: I'm so sorry for not calling you. You are going back to Chile tomorrow. Would you going for dinner in your hotel? Xx.

Dinner... let me guess... before the trip , my biggest dream was going on a date with Harry , now the TRUE HARRY EDWARD STYLES is asking me for a dinner in MY hotel !  But I'm going tomorrow , so:

Harryyyyy !!! I would really like it , but I'm going to the airport at 10 PM , so , would we have lunch tomorrow ? xxxxx

Quietly soon , he replied me: 

Sorry, I can't go for the day. But don't worry, Mane! Bon Voyage! Xxx. 

I feel so sad for not going with Harry. Why does this trip was too short ?  Can we stay a few more days ????

In the morning , all my family was looking at me. I felt guilty for nothing... did I did something bad ? 

-Mane , get ready , we're going for an adventure !- said Grandpa.

-Yeeeeh , put some make-up and be really beautiful...- Said Carmen. 


When we went for breakfast , Pau went with me to the hall. I saw Cherry and Pau there ! 

Suddenly I can see a car with a curly hair: Harryyyyy !!!!!!! 

-Surprise , Mane !  Let's go for dinner ?- Asked me Harry. 

-For sure !-

It was the best day ever. We obviously ate tacos at Taco Bell. And at about 7 PM , Harry let me in the hotel. It was the trip's saddest moment. 

-I'll miss you so ! - I said to Harry.

-Oh , I'll miss you too. I'll never forget our Tacobelladas , and our dates.-

-I'll never forget that too , Harry. It was the best trip ever ! -

-But , this is not a farewell.-

-Of course not , Harry !  Someday we're meeting wherever: Chile , USA , England... -

-I love you , Mane. Bon voyage. - Said me Harry and kissed me ! 

I'm so glad for this ! 

This is the best trip ever ! 

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