A Hard Decision.

So there's a beautiful story where Magdalena , a 16 yeared old girl goes to L.A for holiday , and she knows One Direction , her favourite boy band !
She is happy , they are too , but two guys from 1D fall in love with Magdalena: they're both fighting for her love. The girl loves all of them , but she can't decide with both lads.
So , Magdalena (Mane for short) would choose Harry , 1D's Romeo or Niall the blondie one ?


4. Staples , here I go !

The dudes were laughing out loud:
-Look , geek !- said Josh my brother. He had hidden the tix in his pocket , and George my cousin was his witness ! I coudn't believe it !
Mom was very upset with them. And Carmen , my aunt (George's mom) was upset too ! LOL !
I stopped crying and I went on fire !
So me , Mom , Carmen and my other 2 aunts Bernarda & Pauline went with me. OMG: Staples! It was a cool place , we are going to have hours on fun there !
My aunt Pauline is an actress and she lived for 6 months in L.A , so she wanted to ask to go to a Meet & Greet with One Direction!
-How can we go there , Pau ?- I asked to her.
-That's up to me , Mane!- said Pauline.
She met the bodyguards !
-Hi , Cherry !- she said to one of the guards.
-Paaaaaauuuuu!!!! - said Cherry (what a weirdo that nickname!) How are you?!
-We missed you a lot!- said Luke , another guard. Almost a better name or whatever. LOL !
-Oh thanks guys! Me too! Haha I've got a question. Can we go to have a Meet & Greet with 1D? 5 pretty little minutes!!! Pleaaaaseee !- said Pau.
-Sorry we can't. - said Luke.
-Luke! She's Pau! Remember all the favors that she did for us !- said Cherry.
-Oh , yeah , you're right. C'mon girls !- said Luke.
Wooooohoooooooooo ! Thanks to Pau , I could make my biggest dream came true: MEET 1D !
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