A Hard Decision.

So there's a beautiful story where Magdalena , a 16 yeared old girl goes to L.A for holiday , and she knows One Direction , her favourite boy band !
She is happy , they are too , but two guys from 1D fall in love with Magdalena: they're both fighting for her love. The girl loves all of them , but she can't decide with both lads.
So , Magdalena (Mane for short) would choose Harry , 1D's Romeo or Niall the blondie one ?


9. Discuss.

Today I woke up but... I was alone in the dorm!
Suddenly someone knocked the door:
-I'm comming!- I screamed and ran in pijamas.
I thought it was Grandpa , or Grandma or whatever from the family... But you coudn't believe me who was... NIALL HORAN !!!!
-OMG Mane I'm so sorry !! I thought that you were going to be dressed. I'm so sorry !- apologized Niall.
-Hahaha don't care Niall! I'll be already dressed! Hold on! Where's my family by the way ?-
-Oooohh! They are in the pool hahaha. I can't be there because I will die !-
-Ok !-
So I got dressed as soon as possible , but we went to the lobby (Mom knew that. It was a surprise) and there was Harry !!!!!
-Harry , what's going on ?- I asked.
-Let's hang out again Mane ?-
-Oh , Harry you are so sweet , but can we go tomorrow? I'm with Niall and I can't leave him alone. I'm so sorry. - I apologized. -
-Well , whatever. Bye. -
When Niall and me were walking , some paparazzies had seen us !
-OMG Niall what can we do now ?!-
-Ooh I'm so sorry Mane , let's take a taxi. -
-But where are we going Niall?-
-Anywhere. -
-Sorry I can't go anywhere. I'm not from here ! -
-I'm not from here too!-
-I can get lost. Sorry. -
-Well. Take her home please. -
Niall was so upset with me , so I was upset with him too.
The taxi left me home and I went to the dorm to be with my family.
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